Defacing the flag, to honor America and troop’s Read more

I went to an Orioles game at Camden Yards a couple weeks ago, and was actually very impressed by the lack of the usual flag-humping cop and soldier idolatry that goes on at the usual American sporting event these days. Around the 5th inning, when other ballgames I’ve been to usually honors some veteran by thanking him Read more

he is entitled to think its not political in the same way i am entitled to think its absolute bullshit. Read more

Still my all-time favorite entry from WYTS, from 2014: Read more

I’m pretty much done with NFL football. For all the non-Fox-News reasons. I watch a total of single digit hours over the course of an entire season. It’s great. And yet.... Read more

What? No it was the fact that the league blackballed him for speaking out against police. Read more

If you don’t have any family friendly triathlon jokes, I’m afraid I’m just going to have to ask you to leave.   Read more

I had the same thought, but more of aanother life-long pathological liar got caught” way. Read more

Sure, says triathlon right there!   Read more

I think he got confused by the water pouring over Meza. Read more

I recognize that people won’t like the joke. I accept that and respect that, but I won’t change a thing and I would do it all again. Read more

damn, dude, I was going to come here and say the one thing the guy couldn’t out run were his demons but you won Deadspin for the day with your comment.  Read more

i hope my kids never see the things i have starred here. Read more

Suicide. Is there a shortcut this guy won’t take? Read more

This entire comment section is a head-spinning menagerie of checked-out 30-something sports bro hot takes on twenty first century music popular and otherwise, and I’ve been so aghast at every stance everyone here has taken that I barely know how to even start making sense of any of it. But this take... this take is Read more

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I want songs like “Saturday Night’s All Right For Bloodsuckin’” and “No Garlic At This Rave” and “Partyin’ All Night Because The Sun’ll Literally Kill Us,” etc etc. This “Walcott” is insufficient. Bunch of beat-ass vampires having a clambake in Wellfleet.

I normally don’t like to reply to stupid posts, but this one? Read more

None of Diana’s posts are “TL” and if you “DR” for the love of fuck, don’t comment. Read more