May 6 2019

it’s completely stupid and so disrespectful to the families of the victims! to think the victims would “visit” lilly collins to give their approval to make a movie about their suffering - fucking pisses me off!! fuck you Lilly Collins and get over yourself and fuck this movie. Read more

May 3 2019

Michelle and Mike are in a loveless marriage. Mike works at a hedge fund and sleeps around to fill the emptiness in his soul. Lately, he’s started experimenting with his bedmates stomping on his genitals so that he feels the sweet release of something...anything. Michelle has been carrying on with the poolboy as an Read more

May 2 2019

As someone who is probably also going to be single forever, I admire her for being open about it just being because she’s weird. I feel like I either have to say I’m looking for love and can’t find it, or I’m embracing my own fabulousness and can’t be tied down. The truth is closer to, “I’m a strange person, I’m not Read more

Apr 22 2019

I mean, Kim does have some insight here. None of the Kardashians went to college (except for Kourtney), but they found other ways in which to succeed. Obviously they had a massive leg up for success in the first place, but at least no one was strongarming them into your Classics 101 lecture; they know their lanes.

Apr 17 2019

There’s a slit for the water. You put it on as high pressure as you want and no backsplash will come up.” Read more

Apr 12 2019

Even Orwell didn’t see this coming; in fact the one who foresaw it was Chaplin. In Modern Times (1935) he gave us the boss spying on a bathroom/cigarette break via video surveillance ...

Apr 11 2019

Say what you will about their antiseptic digs, those two make some beautiful babies. 

Apr 10 2019

I used to loooove Aero bars (which I know originated in the UK, but I could never seem to find them in the US.) So they sort of became synonymous with Canada for me. Same thing with Flake chocolate bars - they were always a treat when we drove up to Canada.

Apr 10 2019

This seems to be the perfect story to explain exactly how much this marriage means to each of them. Read more

Apr 10 2019

My car died in the middle of the busiest street in town yesterday. Like, I was stopped at the light and when it turned green the car wouldn’t move. BabyVader and a trunkload of groceries were in the back. By some miracle of fate 1. a cop was driving by and was able to direct traffic around me and 2. it happened Read more

Apr 7 2019

As the parent of an adult daughter who hasn’t always made decisions that I would have wanted her to make, let me be the first to say you don’t kick your kids out of the house just because they quit college if you “love them very much.” 

Apr 7 2019

Getting kicked out of your home is rarely perceived as an act of love.

Apr 7 2019

All other things are never equal between applicants, so either the note-writer would have gotten the gig anyway, or you’re letting flattery tip the scale in favor of someone who may not be the best prospect. That you see nothing wrong with awarding points to the candidates who prostrate themselves before you says Read more

Apr 5 2019

My guess is any religion with 2 or more people in it has abuse problems.

Apr 3 2019

These are exactly the kind of “parents who wonder why their kids move away the minute they turn 18 and never keep in touch afterwards.