Piloter, raging against the machine.
Dec 28 2012

Normally I wouldn't ask, but any of you hoons out there got a line on a wrongful-termination employment lawyer in the Houston area? I have been MONUMENTALLY screwed by my ex-employer (2600 mile relocation, 4 months of training, 4 days of work, 8 weeks of retroactive paycheck garnishments) and right now I am in a

Sep 29 2012

Scheming for after the move to Houston metro area...what would make a better personal luxury coupe, beater edition, for a job commuting to and from various oil rigs? SC300/400 or MkVII?

Sep 8 2012

Detailing: Leave it to professionals. Three weeks in Alaska for business, home five days, out to Oklahoma and Texas for three months. Day four evening, decide to wash car as going-away present. Hand-wash, clay bar with the Meguiar's kit, later when she's dry again the Turtle medium polish (with softly used new soft Read more

Sep 1 2012

Tomorrow: Bake apart the two angel eyes I broke last time working on that headlight, fix the projectors (again), wash the car, clay bar the car for the first time in her 16 years. Sunday/Monday: Drive car down PCH 101 to Bandon, pet wild animals, drive back up and drop her off at the garage. Tuesday: Fly out at 5 AM Read more

Aug 25 2012

The new Kinja is worse than the old Kinja. To temporarily numb the burn for all you Planelopnik folks out there (no, I haven't forgotten how I finally got my star), have a comprehensive list of all the pilot reviews from Budd Davisson. They're everything that Kinja isn't....eminently readable, large chunks of text per Read more

Jun 29 2012

I go to Idaho for FOUR DAYS and come back to this! It's not quite as bad of a shakeup as the time my grandparents went on sabbatical to Europe and came back right after the Fab Four had invaded, but it's not good either. Read more