Sep 19 2019

Jim Parson’s better be playing one of the cats as there is no way he is the American equivalent of Tom Ellis

Sep 17 2019

I remember you talking about this and being appalled that medical professionals could be so dedicated to their blind spots that he could have died. His blood sugar was some truly outrageous amount, as I recall. Thank God he’s got you in his corner!

Sep 17 2019

Eccleston was my first Doctor, which means he’ll always have a special place in my heart (although Tennant is Doctor Of My Heart). I didn’t know anything about him and his struggles with the role until much later in my fandom, and looking back now I can see how tight his skin was stretched and how his personal demons Read more

Sep 9 2019

This is going to be hardest on Bristol, Track, Twig, Smock, Groot, Krunk, Willow, Slider, Stub, Twiddle, Piper, Fluff, Carat, Keg, Snuggle, Bop, Rice and Spoit.

Sep 9 2019

It’s really not.  Watched it with 2 other people and we loved the movie.

Aug 28 2019

I’ve known Jessi since grade school. She was equal parts daring and enjoyable to be around, and we’ll miss her light in this world.

Aug 27 2019

I would frame that email and put it up in my office just like I framed the printout from the College Republicans website at a previous university that declared me a “communist indoctrinator.”

Aug 20 2019

Typically interpreters don’t sign every word to the song, but rather the meaning behind the words (in fact, signing literally can be very confusing, especially when it comes to figurative speech). So this can shorten up their sentences (assuming they’re interpreting in ASL and not SEE). But I’m not taking anything Read more

Aug 15 2019

Yes! For those not in the loop - Tanner and his wife appeared on Marriage Bootcamp where it was revealed that he does not like going down on her but expects BJs. Also he will only change one diaper a day. He sucks.

Aug 7 2019

That was my concern as well! What happens if June stays behind to find Hannah as she intends? She will have no Commander and no Wife at the Lawrence home and will be reassigned or sent to the colonies or worse. She never seems to be able to think three steps ahead of her main immediate goal. Shouldn’t she assit the Read more

Aug 7 2019

Someone tried that here in Dallas!  It was called “Tallywhackers” and it closed in less than a year.

Aug 6 2019

I live there, and I can tell you that this is literally the most Manhattan Beach thing that has ever happened. A gaggle of rich entitled people with too much time on their hands. A pox on all their houses.

Aug 4 2019

Well, it seems like what actually happened was that as her marriage broke up and she found her son receding further and further away from his humanity, she was desperate to find a hobby or something that they could do together. He wanted to learn to shoot and go to a gun range, etc., so she took him. She felt at Read more