Mar 20

Moaned-ee-all is the best phonetic I can think up.

Feb 19

It doesn’t look like the team folded because it was not competitive, but mostly because the sponsor bailed out at the last minute and no one else jumped in.

Nov 25

V6 engineered by Ferrari, and remarkably cast by Chrysler in Kokomo, Indiana and shipped to Modena for assembly. Read more

Nov 10

Well, he sure took it to the next level.

Oct 28

lol yea man, totally. WWE and NASCAR are the exact same thing. Read more

Oct 28

Counterpoint: Steph and Draymond + D’Angelo just got blown out by a OKC team that isn’t even likely to make the playoffs in the West and is certainly worse than at least five teams in the East. Stop with this bullshit.

Sep 16 2019

“An official wasn’t paying attention when there was a violation against one of our student-athletes? We get that; it happens.” Read more

Aug 25 2019

“Sure, we could have demanded he pay us the money back. But that didn’t feel like the right thing to do. Andrew was more than just our quarterback, he was the person we rallied around after we let Peyton Manning go He brought us together: our present, our future and our glorious past. From our point of view, he helped Read more

Aug 21 2019

folks who’ve woken up on a “treacherous island with no memory of who they are or how they got there....have to figure out a way to get off the island...while surviving a series of the island’s “extreme psychological and physical challenges.” Read more

Aug 17 2019

Brooklyn got gentrified because people can’t afford to live in Manhattan, not because people were like “Hey let’s go to Brooklyn for the lulz”

Aug 16 2019

Of course it is cheaper than the Silverado, look at how much less grill you get on the Ram.

Aug 16 2019

Well, I thought we were just going to come in for right side tires but we ran into some trouble. The Mountain Dew-Skoal-Chex Mix-Valvoline Cessna was running great all day—got a little loose there at the end of the runway and that was that.” Read more

Aug 14 2019

Out of respect, all local Taco Bells have ordered their flags to be flown at half más

Aug 14 2019

At least the MKX’s I was seeing were all low miles (under 20,000). I got to drive one for work for 6 months, and it’s actually a surprisingly decent car. No issues to speak of. I also may or may not have acted like Matthew McConaughey a few times...

Aug 12 2019

Consisting of one 500,000$ bill.

Aug 12 2019

About 300kg, or one Chris Christie is US units

Jul 29 2019

Why not just stick the Hellcats in the Compasses and let them destroy themselves?