Oct 21 2018

This season is a real inditement of the American healthcare system. No one’s willing to go to the hospital and the source of people’s corruption is bills for chemotherapy. Even Ellison tells everyone “not to get sick.”

May 6 2018

Keep in mind that Thanos is now known throughout the galaxy as someone who goes to planets and wipes out half their populations. It makes sense the confederacy would assume that as soon as one of Thanos’ ships shows up, it means the Earth is next to be culled. It’s uncertain why they thought he would be heading to Read more

May 5 2018

I really, really hope that the last scene of the last episode is half of the SHIELD team getting dusted. And to make it even more tragic, I hope it’s Coulson, Deke, Mack, and Fitz. And then Daisy has to become Director of SHIELD in order to help the world cope with half the population disappearing. And then season six Read more

May 4 2018

Send them to the ‘40s and give us Agent Carter season 3. Win-win!

Jan 12 2018

It might be back-dated? Or they simply might need to ask Luis if he knows a guy who can help with Thanos so we get that story from him?

Jan 12 2018

Infinity War II could have been avoided altogether if the Avengers hadn’t imposed such punitive measures in the Treaty of Xandar.

Jan 12 2018

For the 4th Avengers movie, I was hoping for The Living Eraser as the villain:

Jul 30 2016

Nah, that’s rubbish.In most fiction you ever watch, from Doctor Who to Die Hard, there is no chance that your protagonist will die. Even in supposedly brutal “anyone can die” series, death will only rear its head at very specific junctures in the plot.
Good stories aren’t about taking bets on whether a character lives Read more

Jun 15 2016

They’re saving her for the climax of Infinity War 2. How else will they beat Thanos?

Jun 15 2016

politically-correct social-justice-warrior bullshit is messing with casting choices ... the arts are the one place where any kind of choice needs to be acceptable and the work then must stand on its merits ... if someone wants to stage Othello with all gay, dwarf transvestites - go ahead ... or the Sound of Music with Read more

Jun 15 2016

Ugh. This story gave me cancer. It’s only an “Asian problem” for those social justice warriors like yourself that decide to make it an issue! For the rest of us, we just go see the damn movies and enjoy them. Read more

May 4 2016

Just to spit in DC’s eye: Avengers: Crisis on Infinity Earths and Avengers: The Death of Superman

Nov 11 2015

Poor dumb bastard doesn’t know that you can’t call Spider-Man a menace unless you do it with a cigar and a sweet-ass moustache...

Aug 24 2015

No, it doesn’t suck. I would have been perfectly content to not see a walker for the first 2 or 3 episodes. The focus here is supposed to be the breakdown of society. In TWD we are thrown into things in media res, and that was the right choice for show they had no idea was going to make it. Read more

Jun 11 2015

I really do not get all the shade being thrown at Major. He’s not dumb, he’s desperate. There is a difference. And his anger at Liv is entirely understandable. Yes, it was her choice to break off the engagement, as it was to keep her condition from him. But when he starts closing in on the truth about zombies and she Read more

Mar 30 2015

We all need to take a minute to properly appreciate the awesomeness that was Carol's dialogue in this finale. Rarely has one character had so many great lines in a single episode:

Mar 25 2015

Abortion kills humans. Living humans. If an unborn baby, fetus, whatever you call it, isn't human, as pro-choice people claim, what is it? A few cells on Mars would be considered "life" but on Earth, amazingly, a human fetus isn't. I read a story about a woman who survived the attempt to abort her. So, because Read more