Jan 31 2019

“I have been a Democrat ... I don’t affiliate myself with the Democratic Party — [that is] so far left.”

Motherfucker, you’re a Republican, then! The Democratic Party has never been so far RIGHT before today. Also: Go fuck yourself, you disingenuous, egotistical wannabe spoiler!

Jan 10 2019

I have been on WW for a little over a year myself.  I came to the program because my overall relationship with food and exercise was toxic, with a large thanks to watching my mom struggle with anorexia and bulemia.  For the first time in my life I am able to maintain a healthy weight and not abuse food and my body.  Read more

Nov 7 2018

I mean, it is none of anybody’s business, but they did share every excruciating detail of their love during the whole ride. It’s a little rich to ask for privacy now. Just a smidge. 

May 1 2018

Do you know the source material? Clone High was amazing.

May 1 2018

I do Weight Watchers and I think Kourtney’s “meals” are bullshit. That is... not much food. One salmon filet per week? I limit myself to one cheeseburger a week and I lose weight!

Apr 7 2018

Here is exclusive footage of Eric Trump delivering that insurance check.

Feb 13 2018

Anyone else stuck in this weird spot where you’re generally happy/hopeful about the direction your own life specifically is headed, but the state of the world and the direction its heading constantly drags you down, so you want to just completely ignore and shut out the news, but you feel an obligation to keep Read more

Jan 9 2018

13 people are confirmed dead in Montecito and I’m sure there will be more. There are lots of people who are still stranded, there’s no way in or out except by helicopter. On top of the loss of life, lots of people in the service industry are already struggling after the fires and loss of work. With the freeway closed Read more

Jan 7 2018

Is it weird whenever I see the “all-black at the Golden Globes” story I just think they’ve invited the New Zealand Rugby Union team?

Jan 5 2018

There are days when I’m scrolling though my facebook feed where I have to go back and check if that headline is from the Onion. I feel really sad when I go back and see it’s from The Hill or The Washington Post.