1997 SC400 Some parts can be a little expensive but I absolutely love it. 

Problem with the Bronx is if you own one, you’re always explaining to your buddies why you didn’t buy a Triumph, Ducati, BMW, Kawasaki, etc. Basically every brand which builds naked bikes. Because the Harley is gonna be more expensive, an objectively inferior bike or both. Read more

That puts it right up against the Triumph Thruxton R, BMW R-Nine-T, Ducati Scrambler, Ducati Monster, Indian FTR, Kawasaki Z900RS... Read more

I, for one, am completely satisfied to witness the slow demise of one of my least favorite brands.  Read more

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“Deus Ex Machina” is Lindelof’s whole schtick.   Read more

One thing, among many, that makes the original WATCHMEN great is that it doesn’t always - or often - hit the reader over the head with easy answers. Another point that I feel is fair to make is that one can find a fictional character cool or interesting without embracing them as a role model, or without fully dealing Read more

It’s been a minute since I last read the Graphic Novel, but regardless of whether I or anyone thought Rorschach was cool or not, I think there’s enough precedent in the real world for the misappropriation of iconography for nefarious purposes, that Rorschach inspiring a racist terrorist group doesn’t seem all that far- Read more

It is absolutely easy to imagine Rorschach’s diatribes against society’s ills being couched in the context of having abandoned the benefits of “western civilization.” It’s not a big change. Read more

1989 was practically the 90s. Read more

Fleck is eventually called up to Murray’s show after his nervous laughter-riddled set goes the 1970s version of viral, which was when your uncle mailed you a VHS tape and you made copies and mailed it to your friends Read more

machine gun verbal delivery?  hmmmn.  maybe she and ben shapiro should get together...
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Veit, listen to Street Fight, it’s the superior anarchist podcast and they don’t use slurs.  And they don’t live in NYC.  And Brett and Bryan are two sweetie pie weed dads. Read more

I dunno about Red Scare cause I’m not dumb enough to listen to it, but I can tell you for certain that Chapo has done a lot of episodes looking directly at white supremacy. Read more

Former VW Service Advisor here. Read more

I own one, and it is my new favorite winter beater! Everyone needs a lil W8 in their life... here’s the story:

Ugh, my first W8 burned its HID bulb out on me too, and of course in the winter time. Brittle plastics and torx bolts with clips on the back that break off so there’s no leverage to pull out. I was lucky enough to get the half of the driver’s bumper loose enough to get the headlight assembly free, so I had one bulb Read more

Plastic Chain guides on the back of a Motor. What could go wrong. Read more

Saw one yesterday! A headlight out, but I fear that’s the least of its worries. Read more