Oct 12 2016

I live down there...there’s a lifesize photo of this guy pasted to the sidewalk at the corner of Mott and Bayard urging people to spit on him in Chinese and English.

Oct 8 2016

“That was ten years ago” works when you’re in your mid-20s talking about something you did when you were in middle school. Read more

Sep 26 2016

Seeing people type “walla” instead of “voila” makes me irrationally angry.

Jul 8 2016

Militarization of the police dept? The police getting more powerful weapons is a DIRECT result of the general public having more powerful weapons that the police. This all started when you bank robbers in LA with full body armor and automatic weapons held off the entire police force because they were better armed. The Read more

Jul 8 2016

To be fair, this “suspect” had been in a shootout with police for an hour. I’m not saying blowing him up was cool, but he also wasn’t really a “suspect” at this point as much as he was a dude shooting at cops.

Jul 7 2016

Not what I said. Note my careful hedging, which I’m sincere about: “College kids wanting to play sports is great ... [there’s no benefit to] institutionalizing it at anything close to this level”. Read more

Jul 6 2016

This goes on at every university with a major football program. Few programs are self sustainable so the academic side subsidizes the athletic dept. When incidents like these happen, the question is always, is the investment worth it? The cost to pay a football coaches salary could endow many faculty positions or Read more

Jun 15 2016

I’m sure we’re supposed to be all “wah wah poor widdle millionaires” but hot damn if I wouldn’t also be fed up with that crap. 8:30 AM is a perfectly reasonable time to start construction work. 6 GODDAMN AM IS NOT. Read more

May 11 2016

I’m all for the keep protecting himself, but that hit was brutal. Instead of trying to avoid the hit he dropped the shoulder.

May 10 2016

Off camera, James Harden’s baby fell down and kept screaming for two.