Dec 12 2019

I’m an American living in Britain. I’ve got final exams to study for but all I can do right now is drink and cry.

Dec 12 2019

As a former smoker who vapes, I can confirm. Vaping is probably still bad for my lungs but I can’t imagine it’s worse than smoking cigarettes.

Jun 29 2019

Has Matt Berry ever played a character who is not extremely horny?

Jan 13 2019

We really must do something nice for Gander one of these days. We don’t deserve them.

Dec 12 2018

While the US maternal mortality rate doubled, California’s was halved. Every hospital in the country can copy our states protcols to make childbirth safer. Read more

Dec 6 2018

I agree with Natalie’s original statement. I think what rubs me the wrong way about Jessica touting her virginity while wearing a bikini is the implication that a woman’s sexuality exists to be enjoyed by everyone but her.

Nov 19 2018

Good news: 6ix9ine (or whatever he’s calling himself nowadays) was arrested on federal racketeering charges. He’s definitely going to prison.

Nov 11 2018

I heard about the attack briefly, but it came on he heels of the Thousand Oaks shooting (thirteen dead), so the American media couldn’t really give it much attention

Jul 16 2018

That article decried the use of “female” as a noun. Did you fail grade school English or are you just a troll?

Apr 11 2018

Well at least this one didn’t try to assassinate the president to impress her.