3:56 PM

Hu Lao Gate in the Dynasty Warriors franchise. Every DW game has that level. It CAN be so hard the game tells you not to fight the boss (Lu Bu) and to find a way around. I take the advice at first, level my character up and come back to that level, on the hardest difficulty and make that level my Dark Souls. Every Read more

7:44 PM

My mother would drop me off at my Father’s house. There would sit a 50+ year old man playing Gradius III getting better. Week after week he’d get better until eventually he’d beat this as he did U.N. Squadron and Milon’s Secret Castle. I can/could never beat the games he did. I am thankful for games like this.

5:02 AM

I agree. No one hacked anything. This is just marketing. He marketed his show the smart way and it became trending.

9:32 PM

Can Dan Didio please leave? I read the Bleeding Cool article and got my hopes up.

12:15 AM

Hey everybody. You know what we need? More the “The Rock in the Jungle”.

10:05 AM

A friend of mine gifted me this game via steam. I knew what it was about before I started playing. I played the game trying to make every good decision I could. I wasn’t going to be intimidated by the mob or pressured by the mayor. I wasn’t gonna be a corrupt cop. I was gonna do this job right. So what happened? I was Read more

10:53 PM

I played on PC and barely had any visual problems.

3:15 PM

The majority of complaints were about the PC port. The console version was fine. The PC version took way too long to fix and sold a season pass without establishing what content would come with it. All of these are problems you wouldn’t have to deal with if you bought it today. Advantages of being a late adopter.

1:44 PM

If #Mario kills a Tanookie and wears it like a suit he gains the abilities of that Tanookie. If he kills a super koopa and wears its cape he gains the abilities of the super koopa. Considering I’ve never seen him do any actual plumbing... has anyone checked to see if he just killed a plumber and is pretending to be Read more

1:50 PM

It would be more impressive. What he did still took a lot more patience and effort than what we do. What he did is still impressive.

9:21 PM

I am literally downloading the digital deluxe dynasty warriors 9 as I type this. Some games are for those who want to play as an underdog overcoming great odds and overpowered bosses. And some, like the Dynasty franchise, are for those who enjoy playing as the biggest badass in the land yo great success... so long as Read more