Nick drives Stick (not Stig)
10:14 AM

While Japanese brands have been successful in splitting up consumer segments in different brands, European brands have been less successful with the same endeavour. Maybach comes to mind. Not sure Volvo is going to be successful with this strategic decision... only time will tell!

8:10 PM

I don’t see how this can result in a ban from Performance Car Mania. While I agree with Mr. Williams not condoning their shenanigans, it’s really none of his business what they do after the event has ended.

6:38 PM

Rented a Mercedes C-class at Sixt in Denmark but the GPS had some serious location problems. Like the picture below, where it is telling me that I’m floating in the harbor. Ultimately it made me almost miss my return flight as the GPS sent me in a wrong direction going back to the airport with an almost empty tank.

8:28 PM

If you see criminal activity you should always report it to the Police... They can then determine whether or not to allocate resources to the incident.

10:49 AM

My youngest was 3 years old when he sat in my lap and flew a (private) airplane... About the same age as when he first sat at the wheel of a car... Again, in my lap. I was always within hands reach and there was never any danger...

12:42 AM

I’ve always made a comparison between women and cars... When you’ve had a car for a while and put some miles on it, maintenance starts to get expensive and you have to consider the option of getting a new car.
Now you can do all sorts of upgrades to your old car. New headlights, tighten the suspension, smaller rear