Feb 26 2018
My Birthday!

I’ve been a busy man but haven’t been on in a while. How has everyone been? It’s been warm here and I’ve taken the

Dec 9 2017
Going to be a good day.

Woke up feeling a bit sore as I went hard in the paint(literally, I think, I was playing basketball) at the ymca

Aug 18 2017
I LOVE my new job!!!

So I just wrapped up my first full week at my new job. I moved from automobile sales to Outside Sales. My

Jul 25 2017
Got a new job!

I just accepted an offer at a small community paper in their ad sales department! I will miss selling Mazdas, but

May 30 2017
Indy 500 Photodump

So as some of you all may or may not know, I am big Takuma Sato fan, so this weekend was a HUGE deal. Here are a

May 4 2017
Did I buy a touring car?

There are times when you gaze upon your significant other and you think “I’ve done well”. I frequently have those

Feb 26 2017
I'm 30 today!

I hope to do a sappy post this week talking about my late father who sparked and nurtured my passion for the car

Jan 23 2017
Spotted at Church

The rare Maserati K900. The owner had Maserati badges on the steering wheel and on the hood, but the wheel centers