Mar 5 2019

Captain America: The First Avenger is fantastic. Ant Man is fun. The first two Thor movies are less than good. The Iron Man sequels are boring. And The Incredible Hulk is sad you forgot about his movie.

May 29 2018

wish people would stop equating a cross check near the crease that, while illegal, happens ALL THE TIME, to a 100% unnecessary open ice check on an unsuspecting skater behind the play. Read more

May 23 2018

Milwaukee Police Chief Alfonso Morales held a presser this evening and released a statement apologizing for the unnecessary force used on Brown. Read more

May 22 2018

It was orange....‘This is why everything has been the way it’s been... This was it.’ It was scary, but it was a relief. Read more

May 21 2018

If he hadn’t mentioned that article at all, someone in the comments would have gone after him for pretending he didn’t think the team would be bad, or some nonsense like that. There’s no winning that battle.

May 21 2018

Well, it wouldn’t be totally unprecedented for you guys to lose to Marc-Andre Fleury.

May 21 2018

Quite the opposite - Vegas is losing their collective ass because this team can’t stop winning.

May 11 2018

I think next season will be telling, yes. If he has another mediocre season and the Pens get bounced from the playoffs, it will say a lot about him as a full-time starter. This year, they we’re 5th in the conference and 10th overall in the league during the regular season. Not bad, but not Stanley Cup caliber. I still Read more

May 8 2018

I mean, good for the Capitals, finally getting past the Penguins...but there’s a very real chance that this season ends for them having the same number of victories in the Conference Finals as they began it: Zero in the Ovechkin Era. The Pens were a shell of themselves: Kessel and Malkin very clearly nursing major Read more

May 7 2018

Precisely. I almost forgot that Fleury was having a phenomenal year in 15/16 before getting concussed before the playoffs. Murray stepped in and was phenomenal, but to me, this is the first year Pens fans actually got a look at the real Matt Murray. He was the lone starter this year and did not have anyone to handle Read more

May 7 2018

Fleury after game 7 shutout against the Caps reveals he was secretly wearing a Pens’ Jersey followed by the rest of the team revealing the same and the team immediately being re-branded West Pittsburgh Penguins 2: Electric Boogaloo

May 7 2018

Yea that confused me too. Fleury had been playing great in 2016 but he got a concussion that took him out for the remainder of the season and the playoffs. The Penguins were saved by Murray coming in and playing amazing. Then when 2017 started, they started Murray most of the season during which he played well enough Read more

May 7 2018

This is just a very cruel, convoluted long-con scheme cooked up by the hockey gods so that even if the Caps get to the Stanley Cup finals, they can still, somehow, mathematically, get beat by a Penguin.

Apr 27 2018

That was EXACTLY what my wife and I noticed. The theater sat in STUNNED silence when it ended.

Apr 27 2018

Do you want a DC Universe, because THAT’S HOW YOU GET A DC UNIVERSE!