Mar 15 2016
I bit the bullet

... and bought a set of Whiteline swaybar endlinks for my ‘98 Subaru Legacy Outback. These things are crazy light

Mar 8 2016
Broke another endlink

The clunk from the rear was another broken swaybar endlink. I don’t know if the bushing failed and caused the bolt

Feb 28 2016

So this was in the local news today. A 35-year-old lost control of his Challenger while racing a Charger on a public

Feb 5 2016
18 Years of Subaru Outback

My coworker just bought a 2016 Subaru Outback, so I took the opportunity to take a few pictures with my 1998 Subaru

Nov 29 2015
Yup, that's broken

I had my driver’s seat apart yesterday to fix the broken lumbar support (which was an unqualified success FWIW -

Nov 2 2015
New rattle in the Subaru

My ‘98 Subaru Legacy Outback got a new rattle this weekend! It’s only audible from under the car, and I’m hoping

Mar 20 2015
Spotted on the road

I'm not sure what it is. Sorry for the bad picture, it was a ways away from my zoomless camera. The writing on the