Nate with shorter name
2:52 PM

You could give the illusion of smaller pillars with clever chrome and glass arrangement and get pretty close to this look.

7:24 PM

He would write an article about how a janky thrashed truck from a manufacturer that went out of business is perfectly fine for long road trips and the rest of us are too cautious with our vehicle condition.

7:11 PM

How about a pair of these in a Jeep wrangler, one for the front and one for the rear.  Put them where the transfer case sits.

3:06 PM

I thought I would hate the bigger grill but I don’t.

There are lots of other reasons I am not buying a new BMW.

10:21 AM

Or for about the same money get a wheel stand and a force feedback wheel and really get into the driving sims.

A decent Logitech wheel can be had for $250 and a stand for $100.  You can get one that will work for your console (peasant) and will later work for your PC when you ascend for better racing (VR)

8:56 PM

The front end has killed off the hourglass and hawkbeak problem that have been plaguing the Japanese luxury cars.  I like it, I like it a lot.

5:51 PM

It sure would be nice if they added VR support to this game.

Also selling it on PC through literally any other store than EGS would be cool too.

12:34 PM

First corner strategy is a huge problem with eRacing. If you can be one of the maybe four cars that gets through unscathed you are set up for a good position.

If that isn’t going to happen, it takes a ton of space to have enough reaction time to pick a clean line through the carnage.  The safe line will not put you on Read more

4:02 PM

If you watch “UPPITY: THE WILLY T. RIBBS STORY” they deal with this time period. During modern interviews, it is Caitlyn. When referring to racing at the time it was happening they use the name used at the time.

10:35 AM

I am curious which company will be the first to put in a purely electronic clutch and H pattern shifter.

The same N speed automatic gearbox, but with a clutch pedal that does what you expect it to (decouples the drive) and a shifter that is really just a gear selector.  

1:06 PM

A problem we have is that underleveraged companies are prime targets for vulture capitalists (like Mitt Romney’s Bain Capital). Once those parasites get a hold of the company the story is as predictable as it is frustrating.

But hey, the executives always get paid.

12:40 PM

As bad and sketchy as these are, if we went down to our local lemon lot and bought the cheapest car there, would it do any better through the torture tests?

7:00 PM

Hertz was never my favorite car rental place, but they were serviceable and certainly not one of ones I dreaded (FOX).

I would hope that some angel money shows up and keeps them alive so a little competition in the rental fleets exist.