JF Musial
3:52 PM

I agree with all of the points, however, I do have a theory that Celebrity Brain Crash was kept on as a long troll on the BBC. I, for one, do not think Clarkson & Co. are above that sort of thing. Read more

3:16 PM

Primarily, it was fine. Not excellent (although elements were), not dreaful (though elements were), but fine. I’ll watch the second season; most of us will. The first season of old new Top Gear wasn’t perfect, either, by any means, but I think there’s a middle balance between the two that could benefit the show. Read more

3:09 PM

It definitely missed more than it hit, IMO, but improved as it went on. I think with time to recalibrate between the seasons they will get rid of shit that doesn’t work (celebrity brain crash, the american, shitty over the top staged challenges like the 3 off-roaders made of meat, plants, and brick) and stick to what Read more

3:03 PM

I FFed the last few episodes. The last was set in Dubai, I’m thinking...oh yeah some hypercar madness....but no, a golf and an i3.
Read more

12:18 PM

Amazon has announced JF, that it the highest rated show in their history it was noted that it in the millions said Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos who bought a good Top Gear Rehash by Clarkson. Read more

4:18 PM

I'm trying to think of something intelligent to say by way of a reply to the fact-vacuum you just shat from your mouth. Read more