Mar 6

I just don’t think anyone who hasn’t had an infant to 4 year old in the last 15 years has any clue how much even a crappy daycare costs. And guess what, those of us who have are just trying to get through the day and not able to make this issue known.

Mar 6

Your mom sounds like a hero. This hits so close to home. My husband and I have two kids (2.5 and 3 months) and this year daycare will cost us $29,000. We don’t live in a high income area, and these are the average prices. This is just what it costs. We are both currently working 2 jobs to pay for it while we both look Read more

Mar 3

Tiffany blue and Cadbury purple, but only when used in similar packaging, is my understanding. So you can use the colour, but not to sell chocolate with gold label print, or to sell jewelery with a white bow etc.

Mar 3

I think it’s really interesting. Even when I had just read the headline, and thought they were talking about the packaging of the cosmetics themselves, its’s a very simple font, and a really minimalist design. It’s distinctive, but in a way that’s very much like defining pornography. The old “I know it when Read more

Nov 30

The thing that comes to mind about this, is the same that comes to mind about other celebrities who have been accused of similar (or worse) offenses: if he wanted sex, he didn’t need to behave that way. He may not have been able to have sex with x person, but he probably could have had consensual sex with y or z person Read more

Nov 8 2019

I talk to myself and sometimes re-argue past arguments with people who a) are not there to defend themselves and b) I haven’t spoken to in years. Pantsless of course, because fuck pants.

Nov 5 2019

If I made $100 million by the time I was 20 (or whatever) I would have zero desire to maintain my celebrity. I guess if I loved acting I’d be drawn to odd work in films—but posing for Vogue, talking about my love life, doing junkets, etc? No way! 

Nov 5 2019

“Self-partnered” stinks of Trying Too Hard. I don’t see anything wrong with “single” as a descriptor. The question is always a variation of “Are you coupled?” so the answer will necessarily be couple-centric. Single is simple and accurate, and I haven’t seen a variation that isn’t twice as much effort to say the exact Read more

Oct 31 2019

I like the tree thing. When I die, I want someone to just wrap me in a plain cloth and put me in the ground, then plant a flowering tree over me. That’s it. No embalming, we can borrow a casket for the funeral. (I think you can do that...). Just me, a shroud, and the earth.

Oct 30 2019

This this this. There's trash that needs to go in both parties. Being against sex offenders shouldn't be a partisan issue.

Oct 10 2019

You left it on the seat? Leaving it on the seat was the hero’s option. You’re a goddamn hero, Tim, and this discussion is the part of your arc where your motivations are misunderstood. But eventually you shall be proven correct and all will come to appreciate you for what you are. Leaving the bag on the seat? Takes Read more

Oct 10 2019

So, if I understand, you were in row 21 (say), your bag was by row 23 (say), you stepped back to row 23, grabbed your bag, then, on passing row 21, grabbed your under the seat bag? I think that is fine. Unless it took you forever to get your under the seat bag. It sounds like you did not hold up the line and, in fact, Read more

Oct 10 2019

Hey, Tim, important question -- how many rows behind you was the overhead compartment with your bag?  I think that the determination of your potential jerkitude hinges upon the answer.

Oct 2 2019

This happened to me a few times, then she reminded me of our wedding anniversary.