Monday 2:33PM

this is so all just so... lame? both twitch’s double standards and the activity driving it all. i hate both.

Monday 1:27PM

...sharing links for his supporters to buy tickets, which are being sold for at least $100 Read more

Monday 10:41AM

Wow, it’s almost as if this game wasn’t ANYWHERE near ready to launch... and that CDPR will lie through their teeth for a profit.

Friday 10:34AM

Comment that contradicts author’s post but in a passive-aggressive way to seem edgy, but really I’m just fishing for upvotes and hoping people will respond so I can call them out and spit vitriol at them.

Thursday 2:53PM

The “social science IQ” shit is so weird to me, because they always offer up their belief that Asians are smarter and better than them, just so they can excuse saying Black people are inferior. Read more

6/15/21 11:06AM

I can’t help but wonder what exactly prompted Ms. Teigen to lash out with such vitriol. I’m not assuming she’s in the clear, but was there some back and forth before the end result? Read more

6/14/21 10:24AM

They just want to argue fine details. I knew what you mean’t.

6/13/21 10:41PM

I believe they meant Bethesda Game Studios as opposed to Bethesda Softworks/ Zenimax, which is what most people associate the name Bethesda with. It’s always been interesting to me that Bethesda’s publishing arm has access to some of the best game studios and engines yet their actual game studio consistently produces Read more

6/13/21 4:08PM

Man, I’m on a roll for being negative this weekend, but this looks bland, janky, and dated. Read more

6/13/21 3:02PM

Meh. Bethesda really needed to give us more than that if they wanted us to be excited for their new game.

6/11/21 4:41PM

If you want to get around the Big Island and see more than a resort, a rental car is the only reasonable way to do it. I would be infuriated if I was a resident, but it’s hard to blame tourists for choosing a legal and economical option. Read more

6/11/21 4:41PM

If only there was a publicly funded way of transporting large groups of people all over the island without needing to have everyone drive their own car.

6/10/21 7:17PM

Makes me miss the old 360 days when every indie game had a trail. Probably my favorite feature of that console. I bought so many games I wouldn’t have otherwise because I could try them all with no strings attached.

6/10/21 4:24PM

Listen, Bob - if the gay people in your life haven’t stopped you from leaving the house looking like a boxcar hobo who collapsed on a Walgreen’s 4th of July display, then they’re definitely not your friends.