Dec 20 2016

Whisper the name of the person forcing you to click on articles you’re not interested in and we’ll send help. Stay strong!

Dec 15 2016

Had a girl in a drive-thru the other day tell me she liked the wreath and was “surprised to see that on a man’s car”.... I laughed.

Nov 16 2016

but do we really want our cars’ A.I.s to be as quick-thinking and batshit crazy as WRC drivers Read more

Oct 2 2016

Say what you want about Speedgear, they are on point for Hamilton fans this week. #Blessed

Oct 1 2016

I can answer re: auto racing: there aren’t more women because women aren’t interested in racing. Read more

Sep 27 2016

The one car photo that says is best is the one my dad too..because it encapsulates my childhood. This is us as refugees just after escaping as refugees into Austria (this was shot after we made it through). I know people make fun of Lada’s here (ours was a Zhiguli) but to a 5 year old it was still pretty great.

Aug 19 2016

You start with the Type 993. It had a GT2 trim, which is the fastest non-prototype 911 Porsche made at the time. It had two turbos to get the car to slug it out with the E36 M3, Gen2 Viper and 355 (correct me if I’m wrong) during the days of BPR GT racing. This was back when GT1 existed, and the “911" Porsche was Read more