Nov 29 2013

It really annoys me that turkey-eating gets more political traction and attention on Thanksgiving than the problematic racial context of the holiday. I guess it's easier to rail on about poultry than reckon with genocide?

Nov 9 2013

Cilantro is why I refuse to eat at places like Chipotle. The smallest bit of it contaminates the flavor of everything. *twitch*

But onions round out flavor really well when cooked right. My boyfriend hates them but tolerates them in the foods I make since I chop them small and add them at the very beginning so that Read more

Oct 22 2013

I would love to see a "Jersey Shore Babies" show starring this kid and Snooki's offspring, set in the Brick Chuck E. Cheese.

Oct 1 2013

I read Silverchair and my mind immediately went to my high school dream boy, Daniel Johns.

Sep 27 2013

OMG THIS IS A THING?!?!? I just thought my bum hated me and wanted to annoy me by making me have to deal with period blood and a messy bum at the same time. Ok. I'm not weird. Cool.

Sep 26 2013

Love the bill nye reference. But seriously where is she getting that information? I can tell you when my husband is scrubbing dishes, his booty just became 100 times better

Sep 25 2013

People - this bears repeating from the first article... SHE DOESN'T POOP IN HER OWN HOUSE.

Sep 18 2013

I live in the Mission and haven't ran into the production yet but I saw a flyer a few weeks back looking for LGBT extras, so I'm guessing it was probably for this. I did get excited a few years ago when I passed by some shooting of Blue Jasmine on my way to work. Read more