They aren't saying "boo", they are saying "Boo-urns". Read more

Bad MS paint. All the meme builders are blocked at work.

I do look better in a dimly lit room. Read more

I'm not a lady but I'm bored. I have a question. Why is that MoralOrel guy so damned good looking? Read more

I had to stop and relieve myself on the way home from work the other day. I stopped under an overpass on Interstate 29, ran down into the ditch, and started taking a wizz. Not soon after I start I hear "son, when you are finished there come up and have a chat with me." Shit. Iowa State Patrol. He has me sit in the car Read more

Foil pipe. This car is only good for te driveline, it needs to be MUCH cheaper. Read more

I understand that the Avalanche has run its course, and I know it isn't everyone's ideal vehicle, but the later versions weren't that bad. Read more

I guess if you consider the stupidity of the people that use a website like that it should come as no surprise that they also tend to drive stupid cars. Read more

So people with money don't cheat? Interesting. Seems like major sports leagues and Hollywood alone would have enough luxury brands to skew this list. Read more

I'm disgusted that I laughed. Read more

Motorcycle Cop: Do you know what the penalty for animal cruelty is in this state?

In his older years Nic Cage has had to use a photo copier to enlarge certain "documents" so he could read them.

You realize this is a car website, and we are car enthusiasts, right? A lot of us like to see the naked bits on a car, like to get a good look at how things are set up, see the workmanship or quality of the "hidden" parts. Hell, some of us just like to look at an engine that isn't covered in plastic. Read more

Ignore for a moment (but just a moment) the gratuity that is women in bikinis in a car screaming, their breasts heaving to-and-fro, the camerawork and driving with the milk spraying everywhere at the end make it look like a giant dairy bukkake clip. Read more

It looks like part of the grille from a late 90's-mid 2000's domestic car. My immediate guess is MOPAR. I'm going to do a little research, that shape, color, and fatening system just looks really familiar. Read more

Chevy is trying to "ignite design students' interest" with their concepts? Read more

That is pretty much my point. We have a few shows at local bars, one is dominated by Civics, the other is Tri-5 Chevies with Grant steering wheels and Boyd rims painted creamsickle orange, guys in their lawn chairs, and terrible music playing. Nothing original, and few actual car guys. Read more

Crybaby dolls and doo-wop music. Read more