No K-Car?

Just not for Plumbers and pedophiles Caravan made vans it a family name.


Articles like this make me not want to come back to Jalopnik Read more

Can I order one without this godawful screen hogging the entire dash?

You mean "street racing". Street racing ≠ drag racing. Read more

I beg to differ:

The pelicans of the world will rejoice..

The Viper came in last, yet put down the 2nd fastest lap time. With mismatched and worn out tires. The Viper is no joke. Weak men need not apply. Read more

Does Motor Trend have pictures or video of the parts breaking? Also to me, a "Driver's Car" is a car that you have to drive, not one where the car helps drive as much as possible. If you're letting the technology helping are you really driving or are you just driving? Read more

Is the Viper a great driver's-car? No. Read more

Bad white balance on the camera. And the angle of the sun lead to over saturation. Read more

I heard the owner wanted Atlantis Blue instead of orange... Read more

That's a nice Bronco to be sure, but is it really worth 25K? I have not shopped for an OJ era Bronco, but that sounds a little steep even for an all original 35,000 mile version. Read more

It's the owner's car. They may do whatever they please with it. Wash it, don't wash it, drive it, don't drive it. The joys of ownership. Read more