Monetary Value?
6:32 AM

So anyone else still waiting for Persona 4 Arena in Europe? (Yes, we still do not have it.) I'm getting a bit tired of the wait and the lack of any real collector edition information (The once for BlazBlue where excellent as far as value goes, one of the few collector editions I've ever bothered with.), I'm fearful of Read more

2:33 PM

Oil painting is fucking hard. Keeping your brushes in good condition is annoying. Why am I doing this?

10:29 AM

My resolution is to not buy a single game this year. going al right so far, but... we're hardly a week in. Did however start working on my 'backlog', sort off - mostly re-playing civilization V and Total War Rome. But finally started Torchlight II which I was gifted a code for a while ago. Might start Black Mesa Read more