Pierrick C
Sep 2 2013

Dude you should've mentioned Wolf Smoke Studio, they did "Batman in Shanghai" and it's regarded as the best of the DC animated shorts

Apr 26 2013

Drawing big boobs on girls is automatically sexism. Got it.

Sex makes some people so uncomfortable it's funny really.

Apr 26 2013

Yeah, this is what bugs me about Jason's critique of Dragon's Crown. The art style is clearly supposed to exagerate the normal human physique, whether male or female. Just because a character has large breasts doesn't mean the game is "juvenile" or the characters were designed by a "14 year old male". I understand the Read more

Apr 19 2013

"HURR HURR STEROIDS AN TITS OMG!!!1" Ok, Trolltaku shenanigans aside,
let's actually talk about the ART DESIGN of the Dragon's Crown Dwarf: