It should be noted this is the ONLY difference between the two Read more

“My roommate sleeps with the jar open” Read more

It’s the same movie. It was called Meet The Parents: Armageddon. 89 on Rotten Tomatoes. Keenan played “Bear” in the SNL spoof sketch, asked if Guest Host Andie MacDowell could milk his asteroids. No one laughed. Read more

I see your quote and raise you... Read more

There’s actually a local Anaheim assemblyman who’s petitioning to change the name of Tom Sawyer’s Island to the more succinct and descriptive “Fuck Caves” Read more

I see what you did there. Subtly pitching "How To Be a Backseat Driver Without Getting In a Car." Read more

Was JUST! replying with this. T.I.s brilliance has always been his ability to effortlessly ride a beat while simultaneously creating his own flow n' cadence within the beat itself. It's fucking mindblowing and this verse is the best example of this. Read more

This is also good life advice in general Read more

...Or, at least, every frame that wasn't cut off by all the fingers covering my eyes Read more

Really, cos I was definitely thinking number two. Read more

Then DEARGOD whatever you do, do NOT look at the tiles in the bathroom. Read more

Window units = shitty apartment? Read more

Chapter 1 opens with a description of the artful cock, shaped in the sand by the bamboo rake of the estate's Zen Rock-Hard Garden... Read more

It's when someone rolls down the driver's seat so far back that it looks like no one is tweeting Read more