Not DLSS but they claim “Super Resolutions” which appeared similar in concept. Still kind of vague. Lets not put the cart before the horse for any write offs.


It's pretty cool. Sometimes it leads to real tactical choices about sacrificing a turn later for an extra one now, and I liked how the defend option gives an extra benefit beyond reduced damage for a turn. It also makes level grinding and random battles much easier because you can take 16 turns at once to start a Read more

Oct 26

I’m so getting this to surprise my kiddo. She’ll flip out when she sees Baby Yoda just casually stroll into the room. 

Oct 23

The hack had “Trump 2020" in it. It’s already political. So either you didn’t read the article (and are therefore ignorant) or you’re wilfully ignoring facts (and are therefore either delusional or deceitful, depending on intent.) Stop with the false concern, it doesn’t look good on you.

Oct 23

The hacker posted political messages. THEY made it political, bud. How would you have them write about it?

Oct 23

“It concludes with an unrelated but unsubtle political message: “TRUMP 2020.”

“Loris said he’s a Trump supporter . . .” Read more

Oct 23

I for one am just shocked to find out that yet another conservative is a sociopathic shit that represents the worst of humanity.

I’m just so extremely surprised. How can this POSSIBLY keep happening? How can we keep getting confirmation of that fact? It’s just boggles the mind I tell you!

Oct 23

There’s definitely a common denominator when it comes to the Republican party and the absolute worst of humanity being attracted to it.

Oct 23

He is what every 11 year old aspires to be when they turn 13.

Oct 23

The same people that argue being tolerant means you have to tolerate their intolerance. Classy bunch.

Oct 23

“If you care about a game and are willing to go and spam dislike some random dude on the internet because you cant play it for 3 minutes, it’s stupid.” Read more

Oct 23

Ah yes, conservatives. The folks who champion personal responsibility until that responsibility is “don’t be a prick.” Then it’s everyone else’s fault for being annoyed or upset at their behavior.

Oct 22

It’s not “gaming fans” that are the issue - it’s lil’ baby dick losers on the internet that are the problem. This chick is extremely attractive, which means men who want to fuck her - but would never have a chance - will target her. She could be in gaming, sports, movies, tv... it doesn’t matter. Aggro incel losers Read more

Oct 21

hey post it again please, need your great input a 3rd time!

Oct 21

She’s playing on her own time and on her own dime, unlike the guy whose golf outings are literally costing taxpayers millions.