Aug 16 2019

They have found them.

Aug 16 2019

Seen plenty of monsters/aliens like this in the game. Maybe if you played the game instead of harping on about how it was two years ago, you would have found them yourself.

Jun 10 2019

I mean, you could just keep playing the original. I was impressed by the combat on this.

May 23 2019

I can’t stand Rousey as a person and listening to her in game or in real life is an exercise in torture. With that said “Sandy Hook-denying, transmisogynistic comment-making” makes it sound more like a personal vendetta, rather than just focusing on her being god awful as a voice actress in MK11.

Mar 5 2019

This is clearly in response to all the reviews saying she was miscast for the role. It’s pretty funny and pathetic to review other reviews instead of the movie itself. Read more

Feb 15 2019

I just find EVERYTHING offensive

Feb 15 2019

Haha can’t wait for all the blood and gore of MK 11! Read more

Dec 5 2018

does copyright protect stuff like the full metal jacket helmet that opens up that music video?

Aug 28 2018

Oh good, it’s Destiny 1 now.

Aug 21 2018

I can’t even imagine the inner turmoil of working for a place whose readership is one step away from actively hating everything you stand for, and I just wanted to say: I appreciate the work you do here. Aside from a few shining bright spots like Arnheim, this comments section is one of the least tolerant places on Read more

Aug 21 2018

This is how it SHOULD be! Some people take themselves far too seriously. 

Aug 21 2018

honestly these days you cant say anything without someone thinking your offending someone. usually when the person is calling that out, they arnt part of the community they think someone is offending.
Read more

Aug 21 2018

That tweet wasn't transphobic.

Aug 15 2018

I feel bad for all the honest hard working writers at IGN in all this, it seems like in some circles they’re being found guilty by association. Good for Jason and Kotaku that they’re fairly reporting IGN’s response and reaction when discussing this story.

Aug 13 2018

Kotaku has been off the rails a very long time. Unfortunately, Grayson is quite literally a voice for the delusional, drooling psychopaths behind the shadows just waiting to jump on anyone they don’t agree with. Has been for a long while now.

Aug 13 2018

why does this matter? who cares who he chooses to play a game with on his stream. why try to shame him into playing with a female streamer if he doesnt want to? you guys are going off the rails lately

Aug 13 2018

So his completely understandable fears about rumors and gossip possibly rising to destroy his family aren’t as important as playing games with women publicly? Read more

Jul 19 2018

Be smart, and think before you speak if you want to keep your career, male or female or whatever.

Feb 7 2018

As an older Final Fantasy player with two children and a job that has me working from 9 until whenever in the evening, with other games to play for work outside of work, 30-40 hours is a big ask.