Jan 6 2017

I have this book. I immediately thought of the story where the person thinks their contact lens is in, but they’re actually just pulling at their cornea. Ahhhhhh, god no! No to so many of these stories!

Jan 5 2017

It’s from “Emergency!: True Stories From The Nation’s ERs” by Mark Brown, an ER doc in CA. He compiled and published this in the mid-late 1990s after soliciting stories from hundreds of hospitals around the nation. (Oh, the halcyon days before Teh Interwebs!) My mom worked with him for years, and a few of her stories Read more

Nov 10 2016

I’m a high school teacher at a conservative boarding school in Virginia. Here is the letter I wrote to my (mostly Trump-supporting) students. Read more

Nov 10 2016

God save us from President Pence.

Nov 9 2016

Sanders did far better in open primaries, where he could pull from independent and even Republican voters. (Ohio was the big exception, where stopping Trump was seen as more important by many people, who went over to a Republican ballot to vote for Kasich instead.) Read more

Nov 9 2016

What about if the record numbers of Democrats who stayed home didn’t stay home?  Read more

Nov 9 2016

Voter turnout was up but Democratic turnout was down. That’s unprecedented. Read more

Nov 9 2016

This. Libertarian is the protest vote of the right. Green is the protest vote of the left. Look at the numbers. Even if swing state Stein votes had gone Clinton it wouldn’t have been enough to put her over in the Electoral College. Read more

Nov 9 2016

3) Democrats for not putting Bernie on the ticket.

Sep 19 2016

Hello, dumbshit! It was vwolf who used the phrase and IWontgodownwiththisship (jesus what a name to type out) just explained it. Calm the fuck down and respond to the appropriate person.

Sep 19 2016

We’ve had a similar situation in the UK over the last few years where people have come forward about abuse from the 60s/ 70s/ 80s and the people responsible are now being investigated and named. Read more

Sep 19 2016

I thought Kiefer Sutherland, who is notorious for doing karate on bars and flinging chicken wings with abandon. Very much a bad boy and also, a Lost Boy. Read more

Sep 8 2016

that a responding police officer was also injured when another officer’s gun accidentally discharged. Read more

Jul 18 2016

Did anyone else try to click on the ‘What Pokemon are you looking for?’ drop menu thingy with the hopes of actually interacting with it? Before realising it was just an image? Just me? Am I too stupid to be a PKMN Trainer? Fine, I’ll hand in my Gym badges and declare for Team Digimon.

Jul 6 2016

I have a boss who lives 5 minutes from our office, I live 30 minutes from our office on a perfect day with no traffic. I tried to work from home because snow was coming, and she MADE ME COME IN!! said we’d “keep an eye on it” like she has no understanding of how space and time work. Read more

Jul 5 2016

It’s apparently an actual “thing” that the majority of managers would rather deal with the crazy they know then go through the hiring/training process, because it takes so much time and effort. So as long as the asshole employee isn’t actually running around naked or stealing everybody’s just supposed to work around Read more

Jul 5 2016

I find the idea of a manager that actually knows how to do the jobs of the employees they manage hilarious.

Jul 5 2016

What blows me away — in addition to all the other reasons outlined by Alison Green — is that the manager never offers to come in early and cover for her. When I was a manager, I would stay late with employees to help them finish earlier and get out of the office. Or I’d come in early to help them if they needed it. Read more

Mar 17 2016

I don’t think anyone is advocating just dumping them in the ocean to fend for themselves. Sea pens would be a good option. They could be fed and monitored that way. It would be nice to see them get a taste of their natural environment before they die. Can’t be worse than where they are now.