2:19 PM

Maybe move out of the crappy blue state taxing you to death?

11:16 AM

Why don’t you go out and talk to some conservatives? Ask them.
You’ll probably find that they are nothing like what you think they are like.

This website is too full of hate to have real conversations here.
Base rage and slurs gets more clicks.

11:11 AM

The intolerance of the replies here is sad, yet hilarious. Nearly everyone of them amounts to, “anyone who disagrees with me must be evil, stupid, ignorant, or some combination.” That’s a myopic way to trudge through life. Whatever happened to the idea of honestly listening to people who disagree with you? I imagine Read more

10:51 PM

Please tell me that Hilton will be the official event hotel.

11:14 AM

“Officers determined that the gun Wayne was flashing was actually a BB gun and found that the two people who appeared with Wayne in synchronized black skull t-shirts did not break any laws besides a few fashion rules.”

4:13 PM

I know this is an awful point of view to have because it kills competition, but I just don't trust that any of these will still be around in a few years. I know if I ever need to find an old email, unless there's a nuclear Holocaust, it's probably safe in my Gmail account until the day I die.

2:43 PM

So he would have been better off keeping the $2 billion and doing nothing with it?  I mean there are plenty of appropriate grievances to be aired towards Bezos.  Be better Hamno.  This is fucking weaksauce.  

2:30 PM

I’ve always been a bit curious on this. When someone’s net worth is boiled down to a number, is that like money they have on hand to spend right now or is it broken down into stock investments, money in their respective company, etc.

2:35 AM

I want to know how tax cuts are “inequality-fueling” when thousands of people got money back. I got $500 on my own check and full-timers at my job (company wide) all got $1000. Money that helped me pay deperate bills. Our CEO, along with Apple’s CEO & hundreds of others, gave their employees money back (because they Read more

3:19 PM

If any of you guys have time (or are sitting in a car for a while), throw this podcast on. It gives a bit of an inside look at a dealer struggling to hit its quota at the end of a month, and the lengths they will go to hit it. Read more

10:47 PM

Now I see my problem...I was grabbing my left butt cheek with my right hand, and my right butt cheek with my left hand. Read more

4:34 PM

You’re getting rescued from the grays for this comment, and you’ll have to live with that forever.

3:40 PM

“If you spread your cheeks as you sit down, you have a lot less wiping to do,” says repliers_beware. I’m not sure how this works, but some redditors really seem to like it.”

whats not to get? while standing grab your left butt cheek with your left hand and your right butt cheek with your right hand. as you go to sit Read more

10:07 AM

“give them a place to put their cigarette butts that aren’t a) flicked out of their window onto my car”

The disgusting cunts that do this are gonna do it no matter what. Litterbugs are awful.