Jan 13

I dunno yet! I love going to E3 and can’t imagine not going, but between the ESA doxxing and our company’s current... situation I’m not sure what I’m gonna do.

Jan 13

Now the real question is: will you, Jason, still go to E3? I feel like yourself or dozens of your colleagues getting (unintentionally?) doxxed by the ESA seems like a great time to rethink attendance to the show.

Jan 13

I feel like anyone involved with anti-terf rhetoric or just progressive rhetoric in general would not use the word “feminazi” by any measure. It’s possible it’s just a miscommunication, but it does create immediate red flags.

That’s like black person proclaiming how much they hate race-baiting. Could be innocent, but Read more

Dec 10

“I hate this kid,” he wrote in a now-deleted tweet about Thunberg, reports NicoNico. “If I pulled the strings that controlled the world, I would like to snatch everything away from her, knock her into the dregs of hope, and sneer.” Read more

Dec 10

Seems his sympathies towards precocious and assertive high school-aged girls stops when they aren’t romantic candidates in one of his stories. How very strange.

Dec 10

Also, imagine feeling so threatened by a young woman who is trying to do good for you and the entire planet that you spew that kind of idiocy.

Dec 5

Gainax has a catalogue beyond Eva that I would not be surprised fit this theory. 

Dec 5

Wait you mean the mean someone associated with series that literally has nude teenage girls in it ended up being caught with one real life? *surprised pikachu face*

Oct 17

My favorite version of these Garfield memes are the comics without Garfield’s thought balloons, featuring a sad, lonely and slightly unhinged Jon having manic conversations with his completely normal and nonplussed pet cat.

Aug 13

My guess is Barstool fans have a pretty nuanced take on union advocates in sports. I’m guessing they think of Andy Messersmith as being a team-first, scrappy and hustling labor man as opposed to Curt Flood and his athletic, showboating, individualistic take on worker’s rights. 

Aug 13

“Unions are for Pussies”

I love when dipshits talk tough in service of cutting their own dicks off. Bravo, you futon stains.

Aug 13

No one ever formed a union because they wanted to make less money and have less job security. Your boss keeps you around because the value you produce is more than what he pays you, a union just helps ensure that gap is smaller. 

Aug 13

If everything is so hunky-dory then he should welcome the union talk and be confident that a no vote would prevail. What you cannot do is threaten folks who see to even pursue this option, whether or not it is eventually voted for not.

Aug 13

If future Olympics are hosted by the likes of Turkmenistan and the Democratic Republic of the Congo, those games will make Sochi and Rio look flawless an smooth.  I don’t know how many 1st world athletes will be interested in attending games if their health is in danger the whole time.

Jul 31 2019

To be honest its just the way THEY do Switch versions, which is usually least possible effort

Jul 21 2019

Holy crap, if ‘try on a hijab’ counts as Islam run amok then I have some SERIOUS complaints about the “Christians” in this country. Read more

Jul 21 2019

If you want to make big $ & are a right-wing lunatic, there will always be a place for you on cable news or other right-wing lunatic media.