5/06/21 11:41AM

Rocket scientists aren’t the best at parking...

4/16/21 5:14PM

Damn, that’s scary. I gotta give ol’ boy some credit for his quick response and how he was holding that bobcat though, cause I think I’d have hoped for getting a hold of the hind legs, followed up with a hammer throwing motion, not carrying it, facing me like he was.

4/16/21 5:01PM

This is in no way relevant to Jalopnik. It’s a news item and worth reporting, but has nothing to do with cars, car culture or transportation philosophy, policy or practice. Read more

4/16/21 4:23PM

Bobcats can range in length from about a foot and a half to four feet long and anywhere from about 15 to 40 pounds. 

4/16/21 4:15PM

Well things would be different if the bobcat wasn’t being aggressive and trying to attack his wife/the pet. I don’t know how I would react but I would hope I would punt that little fucker like I’m trying for a 50 yard field goal, and if it came back, like Bernie Mac used to say I’m gonna beat it till the white meat Read more

3/19/21 4:57PM

Is there anything stopping me from lurring it down an aisle and filling it up with Condoms and Lube? Is it weight based? Will I need to Indiana Jones the number of condoms a snickers weighs so it doesn’t beep at me? Read more

3/19/21 3:36PM

Hope we see videos of people kicking them over as they approach. Fuck these robots.

3/12/21 9:34AM

This seems to be the crux of the whole discussion. These systems can’t handle these conditions well because they just aren’t meant to. They’re superior (cheaper while providing potentially “smarter” behavior) in many on road cases than even mechanical differentials without the limitations of a locked center diff, but Read more

2/20/21 6:01PM

Yes and no. JD is the largest, but there are other brands of tractors out there. Trouble is, when everyone in the industry is doing the same damn thing, that doesn’t help much. Read more

2/02/21 7:29PM

I don’t think the second engine was able to contribute much, if any, thrust during the whole flip maneuver. The first engine has mach diamonds, but all you see are intermittent bursts of flame from the second.

12/28/20 8:58AM

who in the world thought it wasnt. if apple sold a car the steering wheel windows headlights wheels and tires would be optional add ons. you could only drive on city streets unless you subscribed to the highway pack. then you could drive on state highways but interstate highways need the icar+ not the base icar. if Read more

12/21/20 12:50PM

sounds more to me like some detail in his journey into the ditch/just after might have been the thing that caused the belt issue.

12/21/20 12:45PM

It is possible that he hit something that did enough front end damage to break the serpentine belt when he went off the road. Read more

12/03/20 9:23AM

Zero Point Energy, naturally, refers to the baseless conspiracy theory that scientists have invented a no-cost, pollution free, unlimited energy source that they are willfully suppressing in order to ensure that world leaders can still profit off of fossil fuel exports. Read more

11/02/20 1:32PM

Talk about stupid, consider this little tale. A few weeks back, I was driving through a smallish town in north Georgia. An area that serious Trump-country. Seems like every other house has a collection of Trump flags flying. As is their right, of course. So anyway, I’m driving along with a Biden decal (just one, not Read more

11/02/20 1:23PM

Maybe I’m alone, but I grow increasingly worried we’ll be recovering from eight years, not four.

6/19/20 2:54PM

I agree with you that people should understand that wearing a mask is about more than protecting yourself but I gotta place some blame on the CDC. In the early days of the outbreak they told the whole country that masks were not necessary.