Sep 26

I assume that the production version will have a b-pillar and regular rear doors. 

Sep 25

The N24h also has a YouTube stream

Sep 23

This was also the time when much of the county was still in black and white due to austerity programs implemented at the beginning of WWII. Read more

Sep 22

Adrian van Hooydonk makes Chris Bangle look like Michelangelo

Sep 21

There is a Hyundai (or is it Kia) ad where one driver changes lanes without looking and would have side-swiped a car - they looks so relieved that the car saved them. The 2nd part shows them driving too fast in a parking lot and the car brakes in time to not run someone over. Phew!  Read more

Sep 21

“That Pedo-bot had it coming.”-Elon Musk

Sep 20

Brian France Jr. did, after all, endorse Donald Trump for President.” The closeness between NASCAR and the GOP makes me sick. I’m a rare thing, a Northern California liberal that follows stock car racing. Read more

Sep 19

What about all that "almost broke Jalopnik" though?  I reread this a few times and not seeing it.  Might be my lack of comprehension though.  

Sep 19

What I don't understand is the contrast between this article and the reviews about generic crossovers.

Sep 18

I don't understand this article. Why didn't you publish something earlier?  It wasn't as perfect as you'd hoped and hyped and you didn't want egg on your faces?  

Sep 18

i don’t really understand the confusion of driving a vehicle like this. the transmission is simply an option. granted a very complicated and expensive option to offer multiple versions of, but still just an option. Read more

Sep 14

Just read, don’t write as you’re in no position to define Lewis’ “job”.

Sep 14

This is not a ‘both sides’ issue. When the question is “should police be allowed to kill unarmed, sleeping civilians” the answer is “no” and there’s no option to be tolerant or open-minded. There isn’t a compromise “police can have a little murder, as a treat” option. While there might be different solutions to the Read more

Sep 14

The thing is, calling for justice for her is not political. Since when has wanting murders to be arrested political? These things are labeled as such by people who don’t care to or want to talk about or face such things. So saying it’s political is a convenient way to avoid it. Racism and police brutality aren’t Read more

Sep 14

Amen to that. I love how these people get on a high horse about calling others snowflakes, but they throw a temper tantrum over someone wearing a t-shirt or a Starbucks cup saying “happy holidays”.

Sep 14

The more I think about it, the weirder I find people who think demanding justice can be reduced to “being political”. Read more

Sep 14

Came here to post that; gratified you have already done it. Read more