7/02/19 3:23PM

I didn’t know the dad from Calvin and Hobbes had a Kinja account!

11/25/18 7:29PM

only fitting that after a fat guy scored on fake FG for Steelers , the Broncos returned the favor with a fat guy interception to seal the win....

5/07/18 5:21PM

Nonfunny attempt at discussing this topic: “Strongest man in the world” seems to be thrown around dubiously from time to time and is rather hard to prove. I think this guy is probably the real thing though. When you couple traditional powerlifting feats like the 1,041 pound deadlift with a World’s Strongest Man win Read more

11/22/17 7:32PM

I personally love the earthy flavor of potato skins. Whether eaten as potato skins, or with sour cream and chives as part of a crispy well done baked potato, or a home-made unpeeled garlic mashed potato for extra potato-ey blast of earthy flavor. Read more

5/06/17 5:07PM

Wait a minute! I’ve had three episodes of diverticulitis and had a section of colon removed. Am I not supposed to be bowling?

5/06/17 3:24PM

A few days ago I mentioned I was making a poster to motivate myself to study for the bar. Well guess what?

4/03/17 9:09PM

And neither are words I regularly use! (But my autocorrect was happy to force its opinion in there.)

3/18/17 9:35PM

Jumping in to stress, if there are those who wish to argue it, that this is not “criticism.” Criticism is measured and well considered. Criticism makes an argument. Criticism makes a case. Criticism comes from a position of good faith and respect. Read more

12/08/16 4:31PM

Having gone through this process last year, the clubs test EVERYTHING: eye tests, personality tests, intelligence, drug testing, testing, testing, testing. You want to go through the tests, and you don’t want to hide anything. We gave up all past physician visits, X-rays and an MRI. BTW: once drafted, the club will Read more

10/23/16 9:58PM

The good thing is they aren’t stuck with this failing business model for an entire season, they can choose a new one everyday!

9/26/16 11:28PM

As a resident of the west side of Chicago, I was particularly infuriated by his using our city as an “example.” We hate his gross building. We in the “inner city”-- which, fuck you very much-- don’t think the solution to crime, let alone long-held racism and cronyism, is any of the shit he thinks will “fix” our Read more

9/13/16 9:13PM

This is my point. I consider this particular instance to be an incomplete pass because the receiver started to turn upfield with the ball, but the ball was immediately knocked out by the defender. No single football move was completed (not even a single stride), so the receiver never had control.

9/13/16 3:55PM

(*In general, it’s actually a good idea to not eat too much pineapple in one sitting, because apparently there’s enough acid in there to strip your cheeks clean. I ate half a pineapple last week and everything tasted like batteries for two hours after that.) Read more