Jun 11 2019

When was the last time you played? It you put it down after release, they made huge changes. Like re-scaling the map from 1:35 to 1:20 (like ETS2) for free. 

May 22 2019

Interesting! I’ve done the Void VR games before (the Star Wars branded one currently running in Downtown Disney), but that one eschews controllers for hand-tracking, and instead of tethering the headsets to the ceiling they come with backpacks containing the PCs. A bit cumbersome but the setup works really well! I Read more

May 19 2019

We can’t say that the characters went to “non-denominational heaven”. The show never took a stance on what was on the other side of that door. It might have been heaven, but there was an equal chance that it was reincarnation or just death. The writers wanted the viewers to decide what they wanted was on the other Read more

May 19 2019

That ending was as bad as the Battlestar Galactica ending

May 17 2019

This is a problem Souls-like games occasionally fall into, where the developers crank up the HP of certain bosses and pretend it’s anything but an arbitrary difficulty hike meant to appeal to the inflated egos of the “git gud” crowd. It’s lazy, cheap, and a sorry excuse for actual content. If that’s your cup of tea Read more

May 9 2019

Stark *calls* him Lebowski, but that doesn’t mean that Thor is supposed to be an actual expy of The Dude. Read more

May 7 2019

Think about all the exciting opportunities for Starbucks product placement during mission briefings and other exposition-heavy scenes. Read more

May 7 2019

People keep forgetting that Netflix is global. Yes, it was stealth released in the States, but everywhere else it was released last week with at least some fanfare.

Apr 24 2019

Nothing was kept from them though.  Look at it with common sense.  Hell look at what happened here.  As soon as the internet loudmouths found out about it the server gets shut down.  Announce the server in Jan 2013, and it would have been C&D’d by February 2013.  Good on the people who were able to keep their mouth Read more

Apr 17 2019

Most plants in fact are bisexual, producing flowers that contain both a pollen-filled stamen and an egg-holding pistil. Read more

Apr 6 2019

[scratches nose, sighs, cracks neck...forces a smile] You come into this article and spit off an offended tone, at an author talking about stuff other people are clearly interested in and... you’re going to come off as an asshat.

Are a lot of mobile games shite? Sure. That’s why we’re here. Reading this article. To Read more

Apr 2 2019

I’m frequently surprised at how good the AI is. I’ve played a lot of Ubi games, and this is dialed up to 11. 

Mar 27 2019

except when people moved the titans over a missile launch position

Mar 22 2019

there is a lot of stuff in the world - not everything gets the red carpet.

Mar 13 2019

You’re just now uneasy about that opening cut scene gun part? Wasn’t that clip out ages ago? Isn’t the whole point of the game to be based in a quasi-realistic world to our own? Did you not play the first one? I feel like this “article” was a poor attempt of trying to this game is secretly funded by the NRA because Read more

Mar 13 2019

Why is Massive’s statement about The Division not being political such a sticking point with the Kotaku staff?  It’s almost impossible to find an article about the game that doesn’t make a dig at this.  I don’t understand the criticism, if not thinly veiled hostility, Kotaku holds for Massive.

Mar 13 2019

So, It’s coming out that the video showing Johnny Depp ranting and raving drunk was shot by Heard the day that Johnny Depp found out his mother died. Also coming out that the bruises on her face were nothing more than make-up. The allegations that this was a hoax could well be true and, if proven, defamation would be Read more