May 21 2015

I can’t believe that Jezebel published an article celebrating the kind of bullshit privileged white feminism that disregards the experience of anyone who isn’t white and/or of the bourgeoisie class, all with a cute little disclaimer near the bottom saying “Don’t try if you can’t look white and rich, tee hee” and that Read more

Nov 13 2014

I don't think you know anything about what HAES is even about. There are a lot of reasons people become obese, from genetics to difficult childhoods to medical problems to abuse to everything under the sun. The point of HAES is that even if you happen to have an obese body for whatever reason, you can still adopt Read more

Jun 9 2014

When I was in college I worked at a large chain seafood restaurant that recently was sold. They have excellent biscuits. The name is a color and a crustacean. Read more

May 8 2014

I think it's difficult for most people to admit their ignorance the way that Kim Kardashian has with regard to racism. I don't understand the instinct to mock someone for this. Thinking that these issues are everyone else's problem is not actually that uncommon, especially for this generation. So good for her for Read more

Apr 15 2014

There are probably way more people lying about being straight right now than have ever lied about being bisexual. So why is bisexuality bullshit, but someone who says they're straight is generally believed until proven otherwise?

Mar 7 2014

Who is Chrome Pony? Another member of the band? Was Chrome Pony involved in the headdress decision or just the apology? Are all of the Pink Ponies different colors of Pony? If so, why is the band called Pink Pony and not Rainbow Pony? Is their next mission to appropriate Ginuwine? I need answers!

Jan 7 2014

I just....I don't know what to say. What a waste of an opportunity. To have these two (ethnically diverse) women on your show to spark an educated discussion, only to continue to steer the focus back to their genitals?? I mean, can you IMAGINE Katie having, say, Cameron Diaz or Jennifer Lawrence on her show and Read more

Jan 7 2014

When my sister was transitioning (male to female) the most painful part for her was the emotional, verbal and physical abuse that she was victim to in college and later. In addition, there was the pain of knowing that you are in the wrong body, that society will likely reject you, and that there's a chance that your Read more

Dec 12 2013

I have complicated feelings about nude or nude-ish/sexualized portraits of women made without their consent. On the one hand, I believe absolutely in making art with impunity and not limiting artists and the conversations they provoke. On the other, what are you actually saying by doing this? We already treat women's Read more

Dec 12 2013

Oh, also, Katniss passes out basically at the end of every goddamn chapter, which is so obnoxious. The story is essentially just the stuff that takes place between the blackouts. It's like Suzanne Collins doesn't know how to end a scene without having a character lose consciousness. I feel like Katniss must have Read more

Nov 20 2013

Your the obsession with People's SMA...can we have articles about something else besides it now? We get it, you really really dislike Levine. Read more

Sep 4 2013

I love me some Jon Stewart, but Jon Oliver was amazing. I really really hope we can get more of him. Maybe a Weekend Daily Show or something.

Aug 20 2013

There's also been Crowley, Meg 1.0, Samuel, Bobby was killed by Lucifer and brought back minutes later (and even when he actually died, he hung around as a ghost for a while), Abaddon... The show has a habit of doing fake-out deaths, where you think that someone's dead (like Crowley, Meg, Abaddon, Cas, etc.), only for Read more

Aug 2 2013

I think you are upset at something that is made up. These Millennial trend pieces? I'm pretty sure they are made up by lazy journalists that wonder what to write about, see one of the interns they don't like, and decide to do a kids-these-days rant. Fucking kids these days! Wearing her leggings as pants, no respect! Read more

Jul 31 2013

On a related note, I now have a new phrase to use when referring to my children. "Let me introduce my sexually transmitted demons..."