Nov 3 2016

I was at Penn at the same time as Melker. Donnie was indeed a sad sack of a human being who peed everywhere and assaulted everyone. He belonged to the most rape-y of rape-y fraternities and comfortably communicated with his asshat brothers in the misogynist language of his father and...he just sucked. He really did Read more

Aug 10 2016

Which is exactly what they want them to do.

Jul 30 2016

Of course he’s full of shit, every single thing he says is a stupid lie. He’ll never debate Clinton in any kind of real neutral setting, he’ll only do it if he can arrange for a moronic circus scene full of screeching idiots who roar over his spastic twitching and dopey insults. He’s a grade-A coward, a sleazy punk, a Read more

Jul 22 2016

Donald Trump being race blind is an interesting concept considering he was sued by the DOJ for violating the fair housing act of 1968 by refusing rentals to black people.