Aug 7

I would be really interested in articles that take a more nuanced approach to the demographics of white women voters. Because I’ve looked at the data from 2016, and by far the two biggest indicators of whether white women were willing to vote Democrat were religion and education. Read more

Aug 4

Belatedly, I just wanted to say thank you SO much for this response. The issue was indeed Adblocker. So while I’m stuck with ads, at least I can actually read more comments now.

Jul 31

This, exactly. I was really puzzled when I got to the part about the chronically ill person being a bad friend! It’s not just that communication on social media is low stakes; it’s that if you’re friends with an abled person, constantly talking to them about your disability can be exhausting (and, perhaps, even Read more

Jul 28

It’s a win only because after he releases this cut, at least his fans will shut the fuck up about it. I look forward to that.

Jul 22

Oof, yeah. People are more inclined to change their views and join up with religious conservative movements when they’re going through a period of personal crisis (failed marriages, depression, grieving loved ones, etc), so this makes sense to me. I had a super liberal college friend on Facebook whose married partner Read more

Jul 17

I’m on Chrome and the “Load More Comments” button isn’t working for me and hasn’t been for weeks now. And “pending replies” isn’t working either. It’s like they don’t want us to comment here.

Jul 16

I’m curious as to whether these industries attract natural predators because they know power and money are impenetrable shields or if it’s that absolute power corrupts absolutely? or both?” Read more

May 22

By not telling her the whole truth, he is depriving her of any real choice in this matter, and he’s doing it because it’s more convenient for him. But, see, her forgiveness was for his original story, which was just another lie. He needs to understand that he is not entitled to his wife’s forgiveness, nor is he Read more

May 16

Mine is fairly recent — within the last few years or so. I’ll preface it by saying that I’m autistic, so I struggle a bit with friendships. When I was younger, “friends” would basically only keep me around because I legitimately couldn’t tell the difference between when they were laughing with me or laughing at me. So Read more

May 2

It looks like the main issue here is that she’s no longer earning what she once did from the merchandise, which kind of makes sense to me since current trends in portraiture have a more inward focus: people don’t want pictures of babies on their walls; they want pictures of their own babies on their walls. Read more

Apr 9

Exactly this. I would have preferred Sanders over Biden, but I do think it says a great deal that a man who has spent 4 decades in politics was able to summon so little support from amongst his colleagues. That’s not an establishment issue, that is a personal issue that speaks to an unwillingness to build bridges, Read more

Jan 4

So let me see if I understand what’s going on here. One of the biggest writing organisations in the world, in one of the most prolific and successful genres in publishing, is dealing with a microcosm case of the same industry-wide issue with white supremacy that has kept authors of colour fighting for years for Read more

Oct 24

But he already wrote that story. He won a Pulitzer for it. This was the one about how other powerful men enabled abusing women and tried to silence his work.

Sep 6

Her husband deserved the coup. He was completely nuts, everyone hated him, and it started to seem pretty damn likely that he’d murder Catherine.

Aug 28

Wait. You find her apology tour for claiming Native American ancestry off-putting? After that DNA test people were literally demanding she apologize, and now that she’s making an effort to focus on indigenous issues, you find that off-putting? I’m . . . very puzzled.

Jun 11 2019

He was in the remake of Fright Night with Colin Farrell, a movie that does not get near enough love. His death really is heartbreaking.