Dec 29 2017

If it was done across state lines, that’ll probably add Federal charges to the state ones. There will be multiple books to throw at this little fucker.

Dec 29 2017

False: We actually have laws for incidents involving one person convincing another person to commit murder. It’s still murder. Fuck off.

Dec 4 2017

For Geno’s it was a bit of controversy. They had the “This is America. When ordering, speak English.” sign for way too long, and only took it down when the DNC was in town. Pat’s just plays up the rivalry for business. Their unofficial slogan for awhile was along the lines of “Find that offensive? Come across the Read more

Dec 1 2017

you would have to be some kind of special retard to not know what’s going on here. clearly visible stop signs etc. what happened here was that guy who drew all the chalk and spread all the leaves didn’t like that people were parking alongside that bend, and decided because he’s richie rich, he gets to fuck with

Nov 29 2017

Thanks United States electorate for nominating a reality TV star and a person under an FBI investigation as the best choices for what is considered the most important position in the world. Read more

Nov 10 2017

My iPhone 7 was fine on iOS 11. You should try completely wiping your phone or take it in to be seen by Apple. Read more

Nov 9 2017

My workplace lumps together vacation and sick time as PTO. So sometimes it’s more like, “Take a vacation, or hang on to time off for dear life because you might get a sinus infection.”

Nov 8 2017

All I can say is, “ Well played nerdy Facebook employee who wants to look at porn at work. Well played indeed.” 

Nov 8 2017

I did become aware of this because of this...

Nov 8 2017

“Your target is a small thermal exhaust port located right behind the main port.”

Nov 7 2017

I work for Oath. It’s a great company, with great benefits. This was said in humor, and should have been taken that way. Read more

Nov 7 2017

A car suddenly lifting up while also getting T-Boned doesn’t sound like a very good idea.

Nov 7 2017

Much of /r/cars is just content from other websites. The automotive news circle is small. I don’t really understand the butthurt.

Nov 7 2017

Sometimes I feel like this website is just the TLDR of reddit/r/cars from the previous day. There was just a big post about the Japanese car sales there yesterday.

Nov 2 2017

I don’t want to be a man hating feminist but the men are making that really difficult. Read more

Oct 23 2017

No, it’s an incredibly-big and highly polished game with a complete story and tons of side content. Even without multiplayer it was a fantastic game well worth $60. But the game world is so well made it’s kind of a shame that there’s no SP DLC for it. Plenty of more great stories to tell in that sandbox.

Oct 23 2017

It’s because GTA4 got two good-to-excellent expansions (because they were meaty like the expansions of old, not the usual DLC fare) and 5 got monetised multiplayer instead. Read more