4:13 PM

I really can't through this advice for #1.
Feeling better about yourself at the expense of others is not good advice. It's the same shit that her friend did to her. Pointing out that some women's breast will get "saggy" and "look bad in a tank top" is just body shaming any other women who don't happen to have perky Read more

4:11 PM

alternative response for #1: "Well if you had breasts as small as mine maybe it'd make you think twice before hating on other people's bodies like that."

7:01 PM

I have, in fact, cheated on a partner before. I haven't slept with someone who was married, but I don't think that would be the biggest motivating factor in preventing me from sleeping with them. What if their partner was an asshole? Or verbally abusive? Yes, they probably should divorce them for their own mental Read more

7:08 PM

Well, *I* happen to think that all three of them look just fine; I just find it rude that they criticize themselves in front of each other. Why does this make you all huffy at ME? Holy shit. Read more

5:55 PM

Word. I think a good rule of thumb is to to avoid discussing money too much when you're in a group of people with vastly different financial situations. It will come up organically sometimes, but why dwell on it? Money is a boring subject, anyway. I'd rather hear the details of your awesome trip to Ireland than listen Read more

5:50 PM

This happened to me with a spoiled brat of a coworker. She was bragging about her upcoming trip to Europe, talking about it nonstop, and I said, "It must be nice to be able to travel!" She went on an insufferable, entitled rant about how everyone can afford to travel, they just choose to spend their money frivolously

5:33 PM

What about friends who are well off who always suggest expensive restaurants when we make plans, knowing very well that I pretty much always have money trouble...

8:30 PM

LW1 I hate to be the one to tell you but your boyfriend and his friend probably used to administer blowjobs to each other when they hit puberty. Apparently lots of teen boys experiment with each other and sometimes this lasts into early 20s. When one gets a stable girlfriend he tends to stop but the other might not be Read more