Apr 1

What a ridiculous comment.  It should be common sense that under 12 would be unethical.

Mar 31

Wait, is there an age that you are supposed to start splitting bags of coke with kids?

Mar 31

I feel so bad for microsoft’s employees. Like, I’m imagining I’m some low level code monkey at microsoft. On one hand I’d be thrilled to be working on/with such incredible cutting edge tech. On the other hand, I’d also be aware that I’m directly helping the american government waste grotesque amounts of money in Read more

Mar 2

Sorry that happened. Unfortunately was very common back then. The definitely fixed should you ever want to come back.

Feb 28

No Animal Crossing - Hamilton Polka by Weird Al video, this is the closest to it

Feb 9

I, for one, thought that Shepherd’s meteoric rise to political power through yellow journalism, using mass communication and cheap populism was a bit too real considering the last four years.

In all seriousness, Citizen Kane as a parallel to Trump is Spooky AF.

Jan 27

I made $80 in seven minutes this morning. Do I get to be in the 1% now?

Jan 9

Congratulations go out to ME!!!! And to my fellow club members!! 2021 is the year of The Bob The Rock, Image shifter Demigod of Photoshop, Hero of Man, Ruler of the The Shop Contes, Banned for life club™️. For those of you who are scared fret not I will be a benevolent ruler. Sure most of your pleas will be ignored Read more

Nov 19

Easy mode is back there, really. By the time you play Demon’s Souls enough to unlock that door the game will feel quite easy to you. Easy mode unlocked! It was in you all along. 💖