Jul 8 2019

Sure, I agree with you, but they tried that with Mario Run and they proved that people aren't willing to pay that money for a quality mobile game, even if they get to try it out for free first.

May 1 2019

I spent more than 100 hours to get FFX’s platinum trophy on PS4. When I found out there was a 2x speed boost on the Steam version, I wanted to cry. Why not just patch that in? Read more

Jan 10 2019

They might not have the source code, but don’t give them a pass. If they wanted to put the effort, they could. Just look at what the fans are doing for VII, VIII and IX. Square could do even better with the tools they have, they just don’t. Read more

May 24 2018

I’ve been following you during these six years all the way from Brazil. You will surely be missed. Good luck with everything Patricia!

May 8 2018

I mean no disrespect, but while I love playing this game, watching it does nothing for me. It just looks messy.

Apr 20 2018

Not a video game? C’mon now, there’s a software needed for it to work. It’s a toy AND a video game. There’s no reason why it can’t be both and still be fun AND educational.

Mar 29 2018

Hey Keza, another linguist and non-English-native gamer here! I’m from Brazil and we mix up English and Portuguese a lot when talking about games. Like you said, we have “zerar” (to clear) when we finish a game. But we do have Portuguese equivalents for a lot of gaming related words that are not that common and use Read more

Nov 27 2017

Ok, but sounds like you’re saying it’s the same gameplay foundation, only lacking in item options, which sadly doesn’t appeal a lot to me.

Nov 27 2017

This is my first Animal Crossing experience and I’m completely bored at level 13. I’ve always wanted to give the series a go since I love Harvest Moon and Stardew Valley, so I thought it’d be a little similar, excluding the farming part. Is there anything significant that was cut on the mobile iteration?

Nov 7 2017

I don’t think none of them have so far.

Oct 30 2017

You mean, it’s good to see that SE is trying to finish their game.

Jul 23 2017

I definitely need Palom and Porom book stands now.

Jul 12 2017

AFAIK no server has reached 0 nukes yet. They do a weekly count on the game’s Japanese twitter account.

Apr 1 2017

Mass Effect Andromeda got a 27% discount already (clearly for other reasons though). And the point was that it’s a Nintendo game, it’s not gonna get a price cut in 2 years anyway.

Mar 31 2017

It seems that not buying games on release has been paying off a lot lately. If it wasn’t a Nintendo game, it’d probably be cheaper by now as well. 

Mar 2 2017

Damn you, Luke. I was so excited. >:(