Mar 20 2019

The Mouse’s face was on the room’s enormous gray wall screen. He could see the pores in the rodent’s nose. The black pupils were the size of pillows. Read more

Feb 10 2017

I’ll just leave this here... (and run away very quickly). And if you don’t know what this is or what it has to do with the subject, you are no general SF buff.

Nov 13 2016

So a chinese actress, an american chinese actress or another chinese actress. To play the part of a japansese character? Sure.

May 6 2016

That scene had me dying!! The look of approval from those two!

May 4 2016

Just to spit in DC’s eye: Avengers: Crisis on Infinity Earths and Avengers: The Death of Superman

Apr 29 2016

There is a lot more more. But as a matter of fact, Cap’s point is valid - none of it was Bucky’s fault.

Apr 29 2016

Just saw it. Don’t worry - there’s much more to the scene/fight than that.

Apr 29 2016

Not the best place to mention that I saw it last night, I imagine.

Apr 14 2016

He was a man of his time, and should be judged by the time he lived in and not by today’s standards.
Just like Katharine Trendacosta should be judged by the time she lives in and not be called a reactionary capitalist pig by generations of the future.