Mar 31 2018

I I think the most notable thing here is not that this guy is covered in excessive pouches but that Liefeld actually managed to draw a pair of reasonable sized feet.

Mar 20 2015

Nice job supporting the U.S./Israeli/lizard government, Robbie.

Jun 3 2014

After hearing how bad Final Frontier was for years, I have to say I did really enjoy it when I finally did watch the film. It's not a big actionny blockbuster, but as a character piece it worked well.

May 30 2014

After his Two-Face run, let's keep Jones away from comic book movies.

May 30 2014

With Brolin's demeanor, I'd hate to see him be voice-only. They should at least mo-cap his performance. Read more

May 14 2014

Agree. IM3 turned what was kind of a lame villain in the comics (Fu Man Chu with magic rings) into a pretty powerful commentary into how we're being sold an idea of terrorism that fuels the growth of the military-intelligence-industrial complex in the post-Cold War world.

May 14 2014

Should have just added Dr. Doom from the 2005 F.F. movie as well...What a waste.

May 14 2014

This whole thread will just turn into Trevor hate..
But fuck everyone!!! Trevor is so much better than the Manadarin ever was!!

May 2 2014

They can't kill Wolverine. Fox Studios won't survive without him. I mean that's been their solution to everything.....because Wolverine. I mean I'm shocked he wasn't in the first Fantastic Four or we haven't heard about him being in the new one. I guess it's also a minor surprise that he didn't save everybody and kill Read more