Mar 9 2017

Well that sucks. But this interview does further confirm her likeability! Hearty laugh, sensible take on the matter, I think she’s handling it very well and I’d love to have brunch with her. Read more

Sep 15 2016

This is totally a thing. We call it compassion fatigue. Without proper self-care and mental health services for first responders and social service workers, compassion fatigue will wreak havoc on their ability to care for others. :( Read more

Aug 18 2016

Sir, you are equivocating on the issue of holding 25 million people hostage. WTF is wrong with you??? Read more

Aug 16 2016

Yeah that’s really not the response I expected! I’m always kind of discourged by the assumption that everyone is or should be on hormonal birth control. For me it caused way more problems than it was worth, and it was the kind where you are only supposed to get a period every 3 months, but it never did work that way Read more

Aug 16 2016

Okay, I am a little shocked at the number of comments about how Fu Yuanhei should have used hormonal birth control to skip her period for Rio. Lady is an elite athlete who no doubt has tracked her fitness relative to nutrition, medications, rest, etc. for years. Shouldn't we give her the benefit of assuming she knows Read more

Aug 15 2016

Maybe she’s not on hormonal birth control. It screws with some people, and I can see what would be minor symptoms for a normal person being a challenge for an elite athlete in prime training.

Jul 17 2016

Thank you for acknowledging what I was saying. I would reiterate though, that your definition of “peaceful” is still in a combat zone. And that you don’t actually know what he’s been diagnosed with. Read more

Jul 17 2016

I’m not arguing with you about your characterization of him. I think he’s a fucking violent prick who lends his mother an unearned veneer of patriotism, while also disgracing a uniform I love, that has enough problems of its own. Read more