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3/17/21 10:35AM

“Joel Burgess, senior level designer at Bethesda Game Studios, was part of the team that made The Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion’s now-infamous horse armor DLC. That $2 piece of content is a part of his career for which he is sorry, and also not sorry.” - Polygon

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2/11/21 10:46AM

I have to admit, I’m getting a bit tired of the snark too. Sometimes it’s just okay to like something or be excited about it without being constantly reminded that there’s no such thing as ethical consumption in a post-capitalist society.
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12/25/20 1:23PM

i7 4770 + GTX1070 here.

It’s a shit show. terrible performance. Forced TAA (that literally gives me motion sickness). Load times are kinda ok-ish. Read more

12/25/20 11:20AM

i7-4790k, 32gb ram and a 1070. Settings on High at 1440p. I haven’t really noticed any issues so far. Framerate seems fine/stable and haven’t noticed any texture pop ins. My video card is loud af though which doesnt happen on other games.

12/25/20 9:44AM

Built a new ‘budget’ rig in Sept (replacing my previous lasted-9-years i5-2400 budget setup, $800-900?). R5 3600, 16GB 3200 ram, SATA SSD, still using the RX 570 8GB I bought spring 2019. Another 700-800 or so, with some bits re-used from the old setup (case, disc player, fans, GPU, free Win 10 upgrade)
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12/25/20 8:47AM

I’m literally with the setting they said were “recommended” pre-launch and while I haven’t had near any bugs (I saw ONE NPC t-posing ONCE, and that “Jackie with a gun in his head instead of the chip” did happen to me but only after I reloaded the save because I messed up my Delamain answer), graphically it looks way Read more

12/25/20 8:19AM

My PC was basically top of the line in 2017, and I was hoping to upgrade my GTX 1070 Ti to an RTX 3080 before the release without going to a scalper. Cyberpunk looks and runs great. Glitches have been non-gameplay-affecting graphical or audio flubs. A few minor weird issues that were fixed by fast-traveling. I had to Read more

12/25/20 4:50AM

Performance wise the game runs great for me. I’m running it on RTX medium (getting hold of a 30 series just wasn’t on the cards this year) and don’t have any real issues in that regard. When Cyberpunk is firing on all cylinders it’s some of the best gaming I’ve had this year. Read more

12/25/20 3:00AM

I’m also sort of baffled by the complaints from the pc side. I haven’t bought a new computer part in years. I’m on an i5 and running a gtx 1060 3gb, although I do have 32gb of fairly slow ram. The game runs really well for me. Fallout 4, that was the nightmare! I bought that long after all its expansions were out, and Read more

12/25/20 12:03AM

My rig is way out of date. The newest component I have is a Vega 56 overclocked and flashed. My CPU is the it 3570k which is what they listed as a bare minimum to play the game. Read more

12/24/20 11:10AM

Thanks a lot fucker, now I have to install Deus Ex and play through it again. :/

8/18/20 11:50AM

I agree that the characters likenesses are a bit... off but after playing the beta they sort of grew on me or I just didn’t give a shit anymore. Some are better than others but I think Ms. Marvel is probably the most comic book accurate and Black Widow, the most improved. Read more

8/18/20 10:54AM

I for the life of me can not understand this criticism. It’s universal for this game and I just dont get it. Im in the minority. Read more

8/18/20 6:31AM

I’m gonna pass too. I’ve tried the beta, and couldn’t even bother to finish the campaign part. The gameplay was generic and floaty (fighting waves of robots, really?), the character models did look good (not even great) only in a certain light, and just passable the rest of the time (and their faces are weird all of Read more

5/10/20 8:58PM

Delia, you are a flake. You have always been a flake. If you insist on frightening people, do it with your sculpture.

1/08/20 10:22AM

Well said. I’m open to debate and discussion. That was the cornerstone of nerdiness when I was growing up. Maybe we kept coming back because Bob was sooooo wrong about Blake’s 7 but at least he knew what it was, as opposed to today’s genre overload. 

1/08/20 2:59AM

What I find frustrating is that there’s so much uniformity among entertainment bloggers when the audience reaction is clearly more divided. It seems weird to me that there’s such a split between critics and audience for TLJ and TROS.

I don’t mind this article because it’s a personal reflection and Lussier feels what Read more

10/27/19 1:27AM

Are we talking about comics Peni, movie Peni or both? Because I enjoyed her character in the film, but she’s fairly different in the comics, and I prefer that version if for no other reason than the art style.

10/26/19 1:07PM

I will say that comic Peni Parker was nothing like movie Peni Parker. They tapped more high energy excitable little magical girl anime archetype for Spider-verse, while the comic was waaay more serious.