Dec 14 2018

Yeah, Up’s opening sequence was sad enough without Carl going to the Battle of Mogadishu and losing unit members in enemy fire.

Sep 10 2015

Don’t worry, everyone in the Third World. Those of us in the First World will slowly send money to help you adapt... Read more

Sep 9 2015

The conspiracy theory that anthropogenic climate change / anthropogenic global warming is made up. It’s utterly fascinating because all kinds of people from all over several spectra of ideological thought are capable of believing in the conspiracy theory. Some people think scientists are lying because scientists are Read more

May 14 2015

Vote: uTorrent
Why: I haven’t really used any other once I started using this. It’s reliable, fast, has built in virus protection and gives me all the bells and whistles I need. It has a tiny footprint and doesn’t eat a ton of memory so overall, it’s the best of the bunch for me. Others I tried lagged, used too much

May 1 2015

Disclaimer: I am currently in a very happy monogamous relationship. However, I have had experience with them in the past. Read more

Sep 17 2014

Oral-B Professional Care SmartSeries 4000

Oral-B Professional Care SmartSeries 4000

Jun 26 2014

Now, remember what I said about men being the aggressors and women being passive? Another reason why men are able to be more aggressive is that women bear a disproportionate level of risk to their personal safety when it comes to sex and relationships. First and most obviously, there's the fact that the average woman Read more

Jun 12 2013

Don't forget the bit kit and bit extender. For an extra $20, your Wave gets more awesome.