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Wow. Such voice. Much gallantry. So fox. Wow.

That is amazing. I've finally started telling myself I'm allowed to deal with my shit however the hell I want. (I mean, not in a way that hurts others. But a way that others don't understand or respect.) I'm glad someone is echoing that sentiment, because it's not said often enough. Read more

Writer Patricia Lockwood has written a poem over at The Awl called "Rape Joke." It is not necessarily funny ha-ha, but it is very moving: "The rape joke is if you write a poem called Rape Joke, you’re asking for it to become the only thing people remember about you." Read more

Isn't Carl Lumbly *really* J'onn J'onzz? Read more

Mr. Teatime will not be pleased.

Ugh. TDKR Superman is the worst interpretation of Superman if you want him to lead your movie franchise and be an inspriational hero instead of a government stooge. And that speech only makes sense because it was after Superman has had a long career of always winning and Batman was old and bitter. Using that speech to Read more

Full disclosure: I'm going to be 30 next year. I started my gaming life with a Sega Master System. I've played fighting games, platformers, RPGs, FPS. I'm also a woman. So this topic is something I've been dealing with for a pretty long time. Read more

The problem seems pretty obvious to me. Video games are a form of popular entertainment, and as such it would be nice if they represented a wide array of perspectives and experiences. But as it stands, the vast majority of games star white males. Video games are often power fantasies, and there's something really Read more

Just a clarification, because it seems a lot of people think this is a show - this is a clip from a DC animated short. These are always different and they're never more than, what, like 1:30 long? This isn't a new show, this is just a short to help fill their DC animation block. From the link in the story: Read more

It's a little known fact that Roman patrician-spawn caught doing something unwholesome, like making the slaves fight to the death (because that's the state's job) or doing it Minotaur-style with the livestock, would be allowed to plead 'YOLO contendere'. Read more

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Their Prop 8 decision was that it was dismissed on standing, correct? So if I've figured this out at all, it means gay marriage is again legal in CA, but it has no effect on any other states. I had a feeling it would go this way, but I was kinda hoping for a more firm decision. I'm counting it as a half win, which Read more

Sadly, Prop 8 was a proper limited ruling and only dismissed the case on standing, limiting the effects to California. But still, that means Prop 8 is remanded back to the 9th with instructions to dismiss, leaving Walker's initial decision as standing and Prop 8 is dead. Find yourself a clerk willing to do their job Read more

They didn't strike down Prop 8. They dismissed on lack of standing. Did you read SCOTUSBlog? Read more

I don't feel any regret and I don't feel guilt. The fact that this bill makes no provisions for mental health is wrong. ... Mental illness kills pregnant women when they commit suicide." Read more

stop shaking hands like this, people!