May 8 2014

Amongst Fox Body aficionados, this is know as the "Porno Red" interior.

May 1 2014

I thought about that guy the whole time. If I was an eccentric billionaire, I'd buy it for him and have it shipped to his house in a padded box.

Mar 18 2014

Ferdinand Porsche is spinning in his grave, but not beyond 4500RPM.

Oct 30 2013

On the outside, whoa doggies! The front of this car looks like something that might have come out of the British maker TVR’s barn back in the day and features… what are those, old Celica headlights? The sculpted sides lead to a rear that’s even more audacious than that of Kim Kardashian, and carries enough round red Read more

Jul 23 2013

Worth pointing out that #6 Pop-Up Camper LeMons racer, just like #9 Spirit of LeMons Cessna racecar was created by "Speedycop" Jeff Bloch. Good guy. Find him at a LeMons race, or patrolling on horseback in DC and say hi.