Apr 5

You’re providing a particular definition and mythology of meditation that tacitly proves the point Misanthrope is making. “Meditation” is not a universally agreed-upon, formalized, specific practice. There is no uniform consensus on how it should be done, or what mythology or beliefs you have to bring into it. You Read more

Dec 12 2019

Editing is art. Ask any Hollywood director and he will tell you the same. Ask any Hollywood director what he would do in Asmongold’s shoes and he will say he would punch the editor in the face. Read more

Nov 27 2019

That can be trained. A soccer team in Brazil devised a method: they launch a ball from one corner and raise a color flag on the opposite side. Read more

Sep 16 2019

yup ..if its physical item you can count then its fewer ( fewer trailers, fewer cavities etc) if its not (without breaking it down into measurements) then less works ( less time , less water, etc)

Sep 10 2019

The comments here... eyeroll.  This is an important thing - for “known” white people to address white privilege publicly.  This is part of the process for change.  White people need to own our shit.  Education on this can and should take many forms and by many people.  I get the cynicism but celebrities have a Read more

Sep 9 2019

Simply cast Travolta and Cage again but in the opposite roles.

Sep 3 2019

I think you missed a point. Worry about what you do. Not what others do or don’t do. Read more

Jun 27 2019

To be perfectly honest, she might be on to something. I can see why her words sound goop inspired to american audiences, but at least for some of us outside the US, it actually resonates in a familiar way. For a while now, psychoanalysts and sociologists have been trying to stem the tide of an overly medical/medicine Read more

Jun 15 2019

I don’t care what you are, your entire point is that market forces are the best way to shape corporate behavior; it’s (micro and macro) economically naive and textbook Neoliberal. Read more

May 31 2019

One thing that strikes me about the parts I’ve caught of Cleopatra is how many of the sets look like they were reusing something from a Carry On movie, instead of the other way around. Read more

May 12 2018

Not remotely suggesting I’m an exception to Feynman’s maxim, but coming at modern physics from a more Eastern perspective, neither doggedly materialist nor obsessed with determinism, it all makes much more sense with quantum effects than it would without them. The more philosophical schools of Taoism and Buddhism hold Read more

May 11 2018

So, there’s a very good reason why Richard Feynman, one of the most important developers of quantum mechanics, once said “I think I can safely say that nobody understands quantum mechanics,” and included himself in that. Quantum mechanics describes something on a very tiny scale which has literally no comparison in Read more

May 11 2018

I’ve been reading up more and more on quantum physics but it’s so dense and no real explanation for it so it’s also very confusing. Read more

Apr 21 2018

Corrupt Sheriff: “So you’re saying that if we have a suspect in custody and want to gain access to his phone all we have to do is kill the guy and stage it like a suicide? Hmmm...” :scribbles furiously:

Apr 6 2018

content creators get to choose what to release, and what to base it on, they do not get to dictate what is or is not canon. That is for the fandom. Read more

Feb 7 2018

The problem is that the DOJ report on black identity extremists was soley a dog whistle used to scare the populace, and denigrate BLM and other minority groups.
There was no standing in reality requiring the report. Since 1992 there have been less than 10 deaths associated with black identity extremists. (if you need Read more